5 Signs Social Validation Is Too Important for You (and What to Do about It)

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Have you ever considered social validation? You know, that funny little thing that could completely change the way you behave, something we would never admit we need. However, many people in this world need social validation as a drug, a nice ‘fix’ to their mood and self-worth. It follows us ever since the youngest age. We do what other kids do because we don't want to be laughed at. This reaches its peak when we step into our teenage years. We don't wear things or

4 Smart Conflict Resolution Strategies to Solve Any Conflict

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There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding to confront somebody and some conflict resolution strategies to do it in a smart way. Conflicts appear all the time, and they are not easily solvable. But it’s much easier when you are use conflict resolution strategies. You have to be courageous and exposed in order to find the key to the problem. Expressing your feelings and emotions is challenging. You have to be calm, but direct, strict, but understanding, firm, but not aggressive.

12 Social Behaviors That Push People away from You

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We all like to think that we have good manners and know about our social behaviors and etiquette rules. But is it possible that we are not conducting ourselves properly and in turn pushing people away from us with our social behaviors? If you’ve ever experienced an eye roll in your direction or a blank stare, then read on. It could be that your social behaviors are irritating those around you. 1. Not Making Eye Contact Studies show that you should hold a person’s gaze

15 Clever Social Hacks That Will Help You Master Awkward Social Situations

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Use these clever social hacks if social situations make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Interacting with others in a social setting is what makes us human. It sets us apart from other animals and allows us to make plans for the future, form relationships and seal business deals. But what if these types of social settings make you anxious and overwhelm you? Social anxiety is on the rise in the 21st century, but there are ways to overcome it. Social situations are full of unwritten

5 Signs Social Acceptance Is Too Important for You

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Are you spending too much energy on trying to gain social acceptance? The desire to be liked is something we all feel, as we are social beings, and as such, we have an innate need to form relationships with other human beings. For this reason, social acceptance is quite important for us. Nonetheless, in some cases, the need to gain people’s approval could become excessive. There are a number of possible reasons that could lead to this exaggerated desire. Social anxiety could be one of

Overcoming Social Anxiety: Signs, Symptoms, and Techniques

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In this infographic, you will learn everything you need to know about overcoming social anxiety. Social anxiety is more than just being shy or getting butterflies before a social outing, speech, or interview. You might be avoiding certain situations because it causes too much stress and you might excessively worry about what people might think of you. You might limit the number of social interactions you must encounter and your friendships suffer or simply don’t exist. Perhaps you turn to drug or alcohol use to cope with feelings

5 Reasons You Should Be Hanging Out with People Who Are Different from You

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Hanging out with people who have different perspectives will help you to discover new things and attune to new world views. Tolerance. Many people leave this word out of their vocabulary. Peace would replace the current chaos in the world if they did not. Clashing ideologies add to the global tension, almost daily. People are unable to accept other viewpoints and often try to force their belief systems on others. They have a desperate need to make these systems means of control. It is this

8 Reasons Why You Should Be OK If Not Everyone Likes You

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If you are trying to please everyone, here are some reasons to be OK with the idea that not everyone likes you. It is easy to spot people pleasers. They are so nice that you feel uncomfortable. If you point out a flaw, they will do their best to cajole you and make sure that you do not feel offended. Their over-trying ways leave you with a sense of guilt. You feel as though you did nothing to deserve the royal treatment. Ironically, it is