Virtual Reality Device Called Google Cardboard Saves a Baby’s Life!

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A virtual reality device called Google Cardboard - which costs less than 20 dollars - helped save a baby’s life. Doctors at Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami saved the life of a baby, which was so sick that it was on the very brink of death. Teegan Lexcen was born in August with a heart and lung defect so unusual that doctors had never seen it before. She has only one lung, and almost all of the left half of her heart is missing. The

This Is Why Google Employees Love Their Job

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Google is famous not only for being a multimillion company, creating one of the biggest (if not the biggest) search engines that currently exist on the web. It is also revered and coveted by many other companies for its smart tactics regarding its employees. Tactics that have resulted in Google employees giving it the highest rating year after year. Lots of myth surrounds the work environment at Google. Clear spaces, slides connecting floors, insane benefits (like the well-known death benefits), and so on. But one