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Volcanic Eruptions Are Increasing and Nobody Knows the Reason

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Volcanic eruptions are responsible for many tragic events in the history of our planet. Today, their number is constantly growing and nobody knows why! The forces much older than the human race are ruling the planet, but mankind shows little interest in them. Only the dedicated realize how important it is to understand the laws of nature and to work with them. The survival of our species might be at stake, and yet for the majority of us, it is no more than just an

Here Is Why You Should Practice Walking Barefoot Outdoors

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But with so much of our time spent inside, it makes you wonder... when was the last time you were walking barefoot outside? We are born without shoes, we play as a child without shoes, and whenever we get the opportunity to throw off our shoes and free our feet we do. Touching and interacting with the Earth is a part of being happy and healthy, it's completely true. Walking barefoot on the Earth allows you to directly connect with the ground, it's an action

Fifty Unbelievable Facts About Earth – Infographic

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Neomammalian Studios, a UK-based infographics agency, put together this infographic containing 50 facts about Earth that you probably won’t believe. We had no idea that the largest meteor ever to fall to earth left no crater, that there is as much ice in Antarctica as there is water in the Atlantic Ocean, that bacteria have been found alive 1.7 miles below the Earth’s surface, and that only 14% of Earth’s species have been identified to date. Did you know that 75 percent of Earth's animal species

Does The Earth Have Its Own Consciousness?

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You may already be aware that there are different levels of consciousness and that consciousness evolves from lower to higher levels of awareness. You may also know of the “universal consciousness” that connects and affects us all. Did you also happen to know that planetary bodies also have consciousness? Ancient traditions all over the world have long been aware of this, which is why they assigned planets with particular archetypal personalities, the remnants of these are still found in astrology. I’d like to discuss our

14 Ways to Live an Awesome Earth Friendly Lifestyle!

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This simple guide is written to help you lead a life that is good for you, your community, and the earth. Most of these tips will cost you nothing to implement and many of them will save you money. They will help you to increase your health and happiness and that of the people, animals, and the environment that you interact with. But Beware! People will think you are awesome. You will be flooded with compliments, love, and appreciation. People will want to talk to