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Copenhagen Is Building Crazy Bike Lane Between Two Skyscrapers, 65 Meters in the Air

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First, we build bridges, but what about building a bike lane in the sky? You heard it right, Copenhagen, the biking capital of the world, is building an even more astonishing bike lane which hangs between two residential/office towers, 65 meters high!  For traveling, for looks or for just plain artistic effects, these plans are astonishing! Looking in from the outside, Copenhagen’s lifestyle and infrastructure may seem weird to some. For others, however, the infrastructure fulfills more than an aesthetically pleasing purpose. A portion of

This Guy Sold Everything He Owned To Bike Through 70 Countries In 5 Years

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Over the course of the next five years, De Bruyn Joubert is attempting to cycle coast to coast through all seven continents and 70 countries. The 29-year-old South African started last August, and he's already made it through Australia and much of Europe. "At the beginning of 2013 I didn't have any big commitments, so it was the perfect time to pursue something that would make me happy," he told Business Insider. "I was doing some travel research and couldn't find anyone who had ever