For everyone who wants to wear something truly unique and futuristic, there is now an option that will blow you away with its style. Enter The ShiftWear sneakers.

A pair of sneakers like none other before them – they enable their wearer to customize the design that is displayed on the body of each sneaker.

With the advances in display technology came an E-ink display type that is not as feature-rich as those in the latest TVs, tablets and cell phones, but it is nonetheless still a black and white screen that has specs that are adequate for this type of use. It can be flexible and it has an ultra-low power demand. The company states that besides being flexible it is also waterproof.

There is also the use of carbon fiber in the soles of the sneakers which will enable extraordinary durability since carbon fiber is one of the best materials for such use and it also serves as a great marketing move too. The feature that stands out too is the Walk-N-Charge technology that is advertised in the specs. Presumably, it will enable the wearer to charge and power the electronics and the screen of the sneakers by walking or running.

Also stated, is the wireless charge feature that is present in some cell phones on the market.

The ShiftWear sneakers

The main feature of The ShiftWear is the ability to choose your designs or creating them via cell phone and then sending them to be displayed on the sides of the sneakers. The coolest feature on offer. Anyone can use their phone to design, scribble or import their own picture and display them on the sneakers they are wearing. That will make them the most unique styled accessories on the market and one of the most desired.

While this may seem like a new tech – some companies already had prototypes of bendable screen wearables using similar specs. This would be the first time someone has entered the commercial market with such an amazing and advanced product. The ShiftWear is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to fund the production since now this is a prototype product. There are models planned in various colors of choice. The first shipments are planned for mid-2016. Since the support shown by the backers is stellar it is certain we shall see them “on the shelves”.

The appetite of our civilization for the latest tech gizmos is only increasing and there is no stopping to it as we continue to develop more and more amazing technology. It is only a matter of time we that we will be able to have flexible-screen cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

By the growing interest in the OLED screen type production, it is a fact that we will soon have flexible full-color accessories.

Imagine a phone that wraps around your wrist as a fashionable bracelet when you’re not using it. The prototypes have been made and we are looking eagerly for what perks the future tech will provide us with.



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