Are you posting your relationship status on social media?

I can’t seem to scroll through my newsfeed without seeing a post about how much Sarah* loves her boyfriend, or that Laura* and Joe* are celebrating three and a half months together.

Honestly, it gets annoying, and it can actually be damaging to your relationship.

The second that you put aspects of your relationship onto social media, you forgo all privacy and open your relationship up to judgment and scrutiny from those who have no place judging your relationship in the first place.

There is really no need to seek validation of your relationship from people online, and you will actually be a lot happier if you keep your relationship status and other aspects of your personal life private.

If you decide to plaster your relationship online you lose the privacy and the intimacy that is so important in making your relationship successful, and this is particularly true for those who feel the need to write about arguments and indiscretions.

Your relationship turns into a show for people to watch and laugh at and even worse, comment on. This sacrifices a lot of what people hold dear in their relationships and gains you absolutely nothing in the eyes of social media followers.

Don’t give to others permission to judge your relationship

Those who don’t choose to tell the world about their problems like to put on a front about having the ‘perfect’ relationship. They offer their relationship up to the world for comparison and judgment in an effort to appear like the happiest and most amazing relationship out there, but this is actually counterintuitive.

Posting pictures of how happy you are as a couple, always on dates, smiling and laughing puts an incredible amount of pressure on the relationship to emulate the posts that you’re broadcasting, and when even the smallest thing goes wrong, it can seem like the entire relationship is failing.

It is so much better to live in the now of your relationship.

Allow yourselves little blips and learn from them, don’t try and pretend that your relationship is utterly flawless because flawless relationships don’t exist.

The more details people know about your relationship, the more stuck in the past your relationship is likely to be. People love to gossip, and they love to know all the details of the argument that you had last week. If your friends know all of the details of your relationship then most of them won’t be able to help themselves but to ask about it, and this can keep you and your partner from truly moving past it.

This keeps your relationships stuck in the past arguments and can really affect it in a negative way. We aren’t saying keep your relationship secret because this also has negative effects on your relationship. Just learn the difference between ‘secret’ and ‘privacy’, and keep your relationship to yourself a bit more.

As well as the fact that social media portrayal of your relationship can be detrimental, people can find it annoying. No one wants to be the person who has their business spread around everyone they know.

Do you usually share your relationship status with others on social networks?

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