6 Toxic Behaviors Social Media Users Adopt Without Even Noticing

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Some people are notorious for poor online conduct. The sweet-tempered secretary who greets you at the office may have a nasty online persona. She is among the social media users who behave one way online, and quite another off. Why the 'split personality'? What are the effects of errant conduct on Facebook and Twitter? Why do people misbehave on social media? Psychologists attribute it to the Online Disinhibition Effect. Simply put, being on the internet and social media allows people to do as they please.

10 Things Only a Child of Overprotective Parents Will Understand

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If you are the child of overprotective parents, you know that it can be really complicated to do things that your friends take for granted. You can’t just casually tell your parents what you’re going to do as you’re walking out the door! If these ten things sound familiar to you, you are undoubtedly a child of overprotective parents. 1. It’s just easier not to tell them you’re dating. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Yes! Will your parents ever know? Definitely not! Even

Why You Shouldn’t Post Your Relationship Status & Other Details of Your Private Life on Social Media

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Are you posting your relationship status on social media? I can’t seem to scroll through my newsfeed without seeing a post about how much Sarah* loves her boyfriend, or that Laura* and Joe* are celebrating three and a half months together. Honestly, it gets annoying, and it can actually be damaging to your relationship. The second that you put aspects of your relationship onto social media, you forgo all privacy and open your relationship up to judgment and scrutiny from those who have no place