We all want a tasty meal to end a busy day, now don’t we? Well, there are several quick dinner ideas that are delicious too!

As a mother, I have prepared countless meals for my family. Some of these meals consisted of quick and semi-healthy portions. However, a great number of the meals I prepared over the years have been wholesome and homemade.

Now, the problem with homemade meals is that they can sometimes take hours to prepare. Fortunately, there are some ideas for an equally healthy and quick dinner which will allow you time to do other things you enjoy before bed.

A few ideas

So, the quest here is to find healthy yet quick ideas for your family dinner, right? Well, it starts with understanding what your family likes. There are so many options, but creating something scrumptious takes the skill of combining flavors that your family will never forget.

So here are a few healthy and quick dinner ideas for the upcoming weeknights.

1. Pizza

I’m not talking about fast food. No, I am talking about a piping hot homemade pizza. I understand making the dough from scratch takes time, but there are many versions that shorten the proving time with your pizza dough. It actually takes less time to prove this type of dough anyway.

If you rather go the quickest route, you can opt for pre-made pizza doughs, as long as you top this version with fresh basil, a homemade sauce, and fresh mozzarella cheese. This will make a sure weeknight pleaser. Veggie pizzas are a great option as well.

2. Pasta with fresh sauce

I think most people really love pasta. I know I do. One of the best dinner ideas that are quick too is pasta with a fresh sauce made with garlic, basil, and oregano. It’s much better when using fresh herbs as well. It doesn’t matter whether it’s spaghetti or Fetuchini, as long as the ingredients shine through.

Trust me, you will notice a drastic difference between store-bought sauces and the ones you make from scratch. The best part is, making pasta sauce is a quick process. To really ramp up your pasta, add seafood, pork or beef.

I sometimes create a scrumptious pasta and top with large meatballs made with beef/pork mixture. The best part is, this doesn’t take long at all! If you want to have fun with herbs, here’s a wonderful recipe for a weeknight pasta dish.

3. Chicken and vegetables

One of the healthiest and quickest dinner ideas would have to be baked chicken with vegetables. When it comes to an easy prep, this one takes the cake. Here’s a tip: If you wish to have an even cook, you will need to use all the same parts of the chicken, like all legs and thighs or all breasts.

As for vegetable additions, potatoes, carrots, and onions are great choices. You can pair this dish with a side of steamed or caramelized Brussel sprouts crusted in parmesan.

4. Potato soup

A rustic idea that my whole family loves is a nice hearty pot of potato soup. What I love about this dinner option is that everything you need is all in one pot. Although you might think this dinner idea is too simple, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

With cilantro, black pepper and garlic, the ordinary potato soup can be elevated to something spectacular. You can add any meat of choice to your soup as well. Take this one to another level with toasted french bread topped with herb butter, homemade too of course!

5. Fish tacos

Although this dish might not sound like the best choice for some people, you must give it a try first. Instead of using red meats for the taco filling, try fish instead. Also, grill or bake the fish to eliminate the use of breading or too much oil. Of course, if any oil must be used, you can choose olive oil. I simply adore it.

A wonderful salsa can be constructed for your new creation to add a zing. Also, an alternative to fish tacos can be created with ground turkey if someone in your family doesn’t care for fish. Just get creative with this one. Remember, this is a quick dinner idea, so you have time to improvise.

6. Turkey burgers

If you love burgers than this healthy choice is for you. Why not replace beef with bird?! The turkey burger has a rich and hearty texture that’s both filling and nutritious. If you pair your burger with crisp seasoned sweet potato fries, you will experience one of the best options for a healthy and quick dinner.

Instead of frying your sweet potato fries, try rolling them in a bit of olive oil, sprinkle with salt and black pepper, and baking at a high temp. Enjoy!

7. Enchiladas

Here’s a secret love of most children – it’s enchiladas. I know when I mention this word, my boys get super excited. The only problem is, some enchilada versions aren’t so healthy – maybe there’s too much cheese and not enough veggies.

Here’s the solution: Replace beef with chicken and add veggies like corn or black beans to the mix. Maybe you can add only half the cheese and more home-prepared sauce. Just play around with this idea and maybe share your ideas with us too! Here’s a recipe for chicken enchiladas.

Just a taste!

Just a taste!

So, there you have it, 7 days of quick and healthy dinner ideas to get you started. There are many more where those came from. So, before you start your creative adventure, talk to your family. What do they like? What do they dislike?

This will be an important factor in your dinner preparations. After all, these dinner ideas are here to please your entire family for the upcoming week. Have fun!

Please share your ideas with us as well.


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