If you want to make tomato sauce the authentic way, then think simple, classic, and tantalizing. Not Italian? That’s okay.

The Italian way of making tomato sauce is a delicious option. The best sauces require a quality tomato base and other quality ingredients for authentic Italian recipes.

The Italian sauce is utilized in its rare form. It’s simplistic, it’s true, but flavor profiles are pure.

It starts with fresh home-grown tomatoes. Or, believe it or not, you can actually use certain canned versions if you prefer. Growing your own tomatoes ensures that you make a tomato sauce without any harmful unknown chemicals.

I know I grow my own, and while I’m not 100% Italian, I know the value of fresh produce. If you want to make tomato sauce for authentic Italian Pizza and spaghetti, read on.

Ingredients for Tomato Passata, the raw tomato sauce base

There are only three ingredients for the raw base of the authentic Italian sauce. These ingredients ensure a fresh and scrumptious sauce which can be used for various Italian recipes.

1. Tomatoes

The obvious ingredient is fresh ripe tomatoes, preferably grown with no chemicals or pesticides. Organic tomatoes are best for obvious health reasons. Vine-ripened tomatoes yield a higher flavorful liquid needed for the sauce.

You can actually use a variety of tomato types, with Roma tomatoes being a common choice. It all depends on your personal preference.

2. Salt

Salt is needed for two different reasons. Obviously, salt is used for added seasoning which will compliment each dish you desire to complete.

It is also added to the raw Passata mixture to ensure the sauce preserved for up to 3 years if needed.

3. Basil

If you grow your own basil, that’s great. Large fragrant leaves are used in an authentic sauce to infuse flavors, and some individuals do this in an interesting way.

When “canning” the fresh Passata sauce, one or two basil leaves, depending on size, can be placed at the bottom of each jar.

When used for pasta sauce

Although you can use the same basic sauce base for both pasta and pizza, there is one notable and quick outstanding recipe for spaghetti. First off, here is a list of ingredients for this simple sauce.

  • Tomato passata, fresh tomato sauce base
  • 5 cloves of Garlic
  • Approx. 4 tsp Olive oil
  • Small bunch of Italian parsley
  • 4 or 5 Basil leaves
  • 1 tsp Oregano
  • Salt
  • Parmigiano Reggiano


In a large saute pan, pour 4 tbsp olive oil and about 5 cloves of crushed garlic. Sautee at medium heat until the garlic is nice and brown. Next, add parsley and oregano. Increase the heat and add tomato base. Cover and simmer for 30 seconds, then uncover and cook, stirring vigorously for around 7 minutes.

This is the faster sauce option, but you can also opt to cook the same ingredients on a lower temperature for a longer time. The objective is a nice thick robust authentic Italian tomato sauce. Sprinkle with Parmigiano and add red pepper flakes for spice if you desire. Also, add extra salt when needed.

Pizza sauces

As for authentic pizza sauce, you can use the same basic recipe. When cooking pizza sauces, you can generally simmer for around 10 minutes to ensure a smooth texture.

I love homemade pizza, but I have yet to make an authentic pizza sauce. I guess this one will be on my next menu.

Make this sauce your own

Go ahead and add thyme if you wish, or better yet bay leaves. If you’re exploring authentic Italian recipes, try a few different ideas and selections.

Honestly, the best tomato based sauces are the ones you’ve customized to suit your own tastes with the added zing of additional spices and alternative options. Please feel free to offer suggestions, corrections, and instructions. After all, we can learn many things from each other.


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