Apparently, the world still has people with good hearts who are willing to help others.

So the other day I was reading a story about a man who gave all the money he had to a woman and her child to use as transport to get back their shelter.

This was so touching that it actually awakened the memories of many Biblical stories like that story of a woman who offered all her money to the church and Jesus blessed her.

Back to our story! So, this man saw a woman who was begging for money so that together with her child, they could get back to the shelter where they lived. The interesting bit is that this man had just enough money to pay for his food, to eat and not have another meal for the day.

Yet, he found it in his heart to give all the money he had to this woman that he even sacrifices his own needs. A bystander who was watching closely as this man gave his money to the woman and was touched by this act of kindness.

He approached the man who was now walking away, walked him into a cafe and offered to buy him a meal or anything he wanted from the many meals served there. The man kindly declined to order but after a lot of convincing, he agreed but still, he chose the smallest order possible.

Help others, a heartwarming story

How amazing are these people!

Now, imagine if it was you in the same feet as that man or even the stranger? What would you have done?

Well, the moral of the story is that money should never overcome humanity. God does not give us all that we need and neither does he give us nothing. There is a unique trait in every one of us and it is high time we live like brother and sister.

Start to help others, respecting one another and making this world a better place.


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