What’s Christmas without a great family movie?

The holidays are incomplete without entertainment. They turn dull family dinners into moments to remember. So, here are the best Christmas movies that will make you, and your loved ones smile.

What makes a great Christmas movie?

What should you look for in a Christmas movie? Life Advancer gives its take on the subject.

Most people, first of all, watch movies that are a little didactic during the Yuletide season. The best movies embody the meaning of Christmas, without being preachy. Their messages are powerful yet subtle.

Also, Christmas is the season for inspiration. All of us want to watch movies that touch our hearts and push us to a little bit of action, though we may not admit it. Furthermore, their plots are unique. Stories about celebrating Christmas are cliche: moviegoers want something that stands out.

Christmas is happiness. It’s time to watch movies that bring some good cheer. There’s no better time than the Yuletide for positivity and fun.

Finally, memorable Christmas movies rare evergreen. No one tires of watching them.

7 Best Christmas Movies Guaranteed To Put You In The Holiday Mood

Here is Life Advancer’s pick of the best Christmas movies of all time. These will warm the heart and draw a tear or two.

1. Love Actually

First of all is Love Actually, a film that some moviegoers may find sappy. But it is perfect Holiday entertainment. After all, this is the season of love.

With ten stories of love, you’ll have no time for boredom. The movie explores Love’s different faces – parental love, sibling love, and of course, romantic love. Acting greats like Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, and Rowan Atkinson aka Mr, Bean make this film a must-watch. What makes this film stand out is that the stories are highly relatable. You’ll find all the relationship foibles familiar and touching. Enjoy.

2. Scrooged

Also on this list is a modern take on an old Charles Dickens classic. Literature and Comedy lovers, this film is for you.

Comedian and Ghostbusters star Bill Murray is a present-day Ebenezer Scrooge who, like the famous miser in the novel, has sacrificed his relationships to ensure his success as a producer. He has the chance to redeem himself with a production of A Christmas Carol but finds it a difficult task because the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future haunt him.

Most adaptations of A Christmas Carol have aligned with the tale. This 1988 remake, however, modernizes it and has Murray breaking barriers. He introduces humor (as expected) and even sings at the end of the show. This heartwarming film drives home the messages of love, sincerity, and generosity in a palatable way

3. Serendipity

Another film that will remove your inner skeptic is Serendipity. This movie is all about overcoming limiting beliefs, which ties in with the spirit of the season.

In an act of fate, Johnathan, and Sara (John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale) find the perfect pair of gloves to give their partners. They end up reaching for the gloves at once. They argue about who gets the gift and fall in love with each other. The two explore New York and separate because Johnathan is a believer in love at first sight while Sara trusts in destiny.

They become engaged to their partners a few years later, but both are still not over each other. Johnathan looks for Love In The First Cholera, where Sara wrote her number.

Without spoiling the movie for those who haven’t watched it, one would best describe it as a series of happy accidents (therefore Serendipity). This cinema triggers thought about the nature of love but isn’t mushy. It’s thought-provoking without being dense.

4. The Ref

This movieisn’t quite a Christmas tale but captures the spirit of the season. It also makes excellent holiday entertainment.

Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis turn in sterling performances as a couple in marriage counseling, Their constant bickering irritates everyone, including Gus, who kidnap them in their home. Family members become involved in their affairs, and there is a chaotic web of lies as people try to avoid friction or deceive one another.

The movie is a lesson on how we usually approach love and relationships. It reminds us gently that Christmas, love, and family are about honesty and tolerance.

5. Last Holiday

The beautiful, charming actress-singer Queen Latifah stuns in this romantic comedy about a saleswoman (Latifah) who idolizes a restaurateur Emeril Lagasse (LL Cool J). She dreams of owning a restaurant but contracts a fatal disease that insurance doesn’t cover.

She spends her remaining time on Earth jet-setting in Europe, attempting to ease her trauma. Without spoiling the ending, this movie sends one of the most potent messages of Christmas – hope. It is a film that is a little overwhelming but warms the heart.

6. Tree Man


You will fall in love with The Tree Man, Francoise, who turns his corner on an unforgiving New York street into the perfect holiday abode. Though New York has a reputation for being a home to people who are too busy for each other, he manages to form the right relationships with his quirky naming of trees.

The film shows that the way to the heart is a pine tree, with a touch of sincerity.

7. The Chronicles of Narnia

Based on the C.S. Lewis’ novel of the same name, this fantasy tale centers around four children who enter the world of Naria through a wardrobe. The lion Aslan gives them the task of liberating Narnia, and they become the land’s kings and queens. Along the way, Aslan becomes a prisoner of the White witch and becomes a sacrifice. You’ll have to watch the rest of it find out how the four children deal with this tragedy.

This movie may qualify as an Easter story, with its allusions to Christ’s death and resurrection (the lion, Aslan, being Christ). What turns it into a Christmas film is the beautiful winter backdrop and its message of Christ’s love.

Though it has religious overtones, it is a highly entertaining movie for children and adults. Of course, the voice of Oscar winner Liam Neeson as Aslan and the stunning Tilda Swinton as the White Witch shape this film.

In all, these Christmas films meet the criteria of what most people look for in the best movies. Watch them, and warm your hearts during the season. There are many others which make the cut, but we can’t discuss them all. Feel free to do so in the comments!

Happy holidays, everyone!

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