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According to a recent survey highlighted in the journal Body and Soul, eating ice cream for breakfast can make us smarter.

Yes, you read it right – if you decide to eat your favorite dessert as the first meal in the morning, you could achieve some amazing and promising results.

Professor Yoshihiko Koga from Kyorin University in Tokyo conducted a study in which half the subjects every morning ate three tablespoons of ice cream immediately after waking up. The other half of the participants were not so lucky and they had a standard breakfast.

After the breakfast, participants were addressed mental exercise on the computer, so that the scientists could track their results. It turned out that participants who ate ice cream for breakfast were more relaxed, more concentrated and achieved much superior mental processing.

Professor Koga says that eating ice cream for breakfast enhances human attention and mental performances.

The professor, who is a specialist in physiology, conducted a series of clinical trials and the results he got were more than interesting and pleasing. He then repeated the test with cold water. The same as before, participants were given some cold water immediately after waking up.

Participants showed increased attention, but it was not nearly as increased when the subjects ate ice cream. This led to the conclusion that the temperature of the substance did not have a major role in the results.

Obviously, there is much more magic hidden in the tasty ice-cream that most of us adore since childhood. This magic could lay in the emotional response to eating ice cream.

While it is definitely necessary to do more research to determine the long-term benefit of its daily consumption, this research could serve as an excuse for many people to start having ice cream for breakfast each morning.

Even if you are trying to eat less dessert in your everyday diet, maybe a small portion of ice-cream will not be such a bad idea.

Ice cream can be very beneficial in the summer, but if you eat it slowly, you can perfectly enjoy it in the winter. Of course, you have to be careful with the portion. Try to remember that all good things come in small bottles, and in this case, it should be a small bowl or a cup.

Try to remember that all good things are coming in small bottles, and in this case, it should be a small bowl or a cup.


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  1. Rosa Lea

    Nothing about consuming milk meant for calves is smart. 🙄

  2. Lita Watson

    I see the main reason that makes the ice cream is good for brain is the cold of the ice cream stimulate our nervous system!

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