You might think you eat breakfast at the right time, but waiting until you get to work to eat your breakfast or eating it on the train is too late for your body.

It’s vital that you eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up for a number of reasons.

There may be a number of reasons why you don’t manage to fit breakfast into your daily routine, such as rushing off to work or not waking up as hungry as you’d like to be. However, if you eat breakfast in the first hour after waking, this can really improve your health, your lifestyle and your entire day.Here’s why:

It keeps you slim, energized and your brain working.

Eating breakfast within an hour of waking regulates your blood sugar and insulin levels, kick starting your metabolism and keeping your weight normal.

What’s more, if you are hoping to lose weight or maintain your weight, then it’s a good idea to adopt the ritual of eating breakfast within an hour after you wake up. Not only this but the regulation of these levels will keep you energized throughout the day.

During sleep, your metabolism slows down, and it can only revive itself again by eating. When you eat first thing thermogenesis (the way your body processes and digests food) is initiated and by eating frequently after this initial meal keeps it running at a steady pace throughout the day.

You will also improve your mood and brain function by eating within an hour of waking. The food quite literally feeds your brain, improving your memory capability, clarity and cognitive ability at the start of your day.

Food works as fuel for your body that you cannot start a day without – you wouldn’t drive for 13 hours without filling up your car with gas now, would you?

If you don’t eat breakfast straight away (or within one hour), then you will eat unhealthy foods and become more hungry throughout the day.

If you skipped breakfast or ate breakfast late you are more likely to start snacking on unhealthy foods before lunchtime comes around. This is because you become more hungry than you would be if you had eaten earlier and regulated your insulin levels.

Work breakfast into your routine and make sure you eat within the first hour of waking every day. If you make the practice a daily ritual then you will reap the benefits both throughout the day and for a successful and fun week!

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