Good news for cat lovers: cat purring transmits therapeutic vibrations capable of curing a number of ailments!

Do you have a cat? This is the first question I would like to ask if you are suffering from any health condition. The list of the health-related illness that cat purring vibrations can help you to cure includes heart attack, pain relief, wound recovery, muscle growth, and repair, tendon, born recovery, and growth, in shortness of breath, dyspnea, and joint mobility.

A recent study revealed that cat’s purr is medically therapeutic especially within the range of 25 to 150 Hz. In addition, the research further shows that people who own cats are healthier than those would don’t keep them, and mainly reduction of about 40% in heart attacks illness.

This is good news for cat lovers! The therapeutic effects from cat purring causes nerves to calm down lowers blood pressure, and the vibrations help in healing infections and swelling. Wonderful to note is that it is easier to maintain and keep Cat.

However, you will get to enjoy its love.

The Role of The Cat In History

The magic healing of cat purr started in early times before discovery. The first people in history to discover the cat’s healing power was Egyptians in 9000 BC. The discoveries later showed that ancient cultures valued cat as a sacred animal with inherent healing mysterious and even at some extent regarded as ancient gods.

Bastet is the known Cat-god that is widely known and worshiped in ancient Egyptian cultures. The goddess is worshiped in war and protection and it is represented by having a woman body with the head of a domesticated sad cat face.

Not only Egyptians who adores cats but also other people like farmers in Chinese who worshiped the cat god ‘Li-Shou’ to protect them from rats and mice in their fields, and used in healing heart diseases. Also, there was a polish cat known as Ovinnik trusted for chasing away evil spirits.

Therapy Animals in Hospitals

In homes where kids love to sleep beside a cat, these children never complain to have growing pains when a cat sleeps with them. The same case happens in many hospitals around the world where cats are used as therapy animals in hospitals.

The main secret in doctors who keep cats in their hospitals it’s because they depend on them to generate purr vibrations to cure many illnesses including lowering patients’ stress levels. The appreciation for the healing power of the cat’s purring started in ancient times by man domesticating young wild cat.

This is evident following the 2014 excavation discovery in the highlands of Cyprus where a Neolithic grave was found containing a skeleton of a man and an African wildcat. Apart from being lovely, Cat’s behavior is unique unlike other domesticated animals like dogs and reptiles.

Cats have special abilities like to see past the continuum of visible light, and able to observe different frequencies around.

Do you know that you can still have cats even if you are allergic to them?

To those people who are allergic to cats, you can obtain hypoallergenic breeds like Siberian or Devon Rex or any type of Rex’s breed. Make sure you have the right environment, time and love for your cat.

The healing power of cat purrs



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