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Sofia has a bachelor degree in law. She is moonlighting as a writer and aspiring to one day gather enough experiences and turn them into ink and paper. The intricacies of the human mind and its peculiar ways have always fascinated her and urged her to explore more, not only the human mind but humans and humanity as a whole, hopefully leading her to interesting findings. Sofia is a literature, music and movie geek to boot.

This Is Why Google Employees Love Their Job

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Google is famous not only for being a multimillion company, creating one of the biggest (if not the biggest) search engines that currently exist on the web. It is also revered and coveted by many other companies for its smart tactics regarding its employees. Tactics that have resulted in Google employees giving it the highest rating year after year. Lots of myth surrounds the work environment at Google. Clear spaces, slides connecting floors, insane benefits (like the well-known death benefits), and so on. But one

10 Things You Can do to Change Your Life in a Year

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December is nearing its end, and the Christmas craze has passed, along with the start of wondering what one's New Year's resolutions might be. Each year, we hear that countdown and promise ourselves that this year will be different than the last, that we shall do things, see people, go places, be different, be spectacular, be unique, and ultimately make a change in the life that for a year, maybe more, has weighed down on our chest. But how often do we actually go through

5 Movies That Will Make You a Better Person

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Tis the season to be jolly, the season of mind-numbingly fattening dinners, and sometimes – of dodging mental bullets from nosy relatives. It is also the season when all TV channels present us with a barrage of feel-good movies that are supposed to inspire us, reveal the meaning of goodness and yuletide virtue in our hearts, and, ultimately, make us better people. I never understood those movies. For me, a movie that can change you is a movie that speaks only to you, and

Organic Architecture: Amazing Sustainable Home Designs Inspired by Nature

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When we think of the word “house”, we probably conjure the image of the conventional rectangle-with-triangle-roof shape, the kind we used to draw in our elementary grade pictures. Nowadays, architecture is widely taken for granted; it is safe to deduce that in the corporate spirit of our times, architecture is mostly a means of accommodation and practicality; aesthetics are somewhat overlooked, especially in large cities (unless you live in the suburbs). And let's not even get started on the environmental uses or sustainability of most

How Solar Energy Makes Everyday Life Functional and Beautiful

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Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde is not a stranger to the art of combining solar energy with art and architecture... These first few shy steps into incorporating solar energy and utilizing it for our everyday lives, in order to make them more beautiful, but most of all, more practical and energy-conservative, shows not only great promise but also great ambition. His recent project for Smart highways that glow in the dark left many enthusiastic about what he has in store for future projects. And their enthusiasm

The Hang Drum: A World of Harmonies in your Hands

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I want you to remember one of those fantasy movies that TV played during the holiday season and usually starred some faerie or mermaid story of sorts. Normally, the faeries/mermaids/whatever would have a banquet at some point in the movie, and you'd hear this beautiful, graceful, ethereal sound. I want you to remember that sound. And now I want you to imagine it coming from a UFO-shaped drum. And now you are probably very confused and staring at your screen in a "What were you

7 Reasons That Adopting a Pet Is One of the Best Decisions You Will Ever Make‏

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For many of us, it has been a part of daily life. For others, it was an unrequited dream, hindered by parental, spatial, or other restrictions. And for lots of others, it has just never occurred as a concept. And yet, having a four-legged companion (or a winged one, or one who lives in the water) can actually be very beneficial to anyone, provided, of course, that they like animals, and do not suffer from allergies. The benefits of adopting a pet, both physiological and

The Touching Story of Loukanikos and Other Greek Riot Dogs

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It was a quiet day in May 2014, when the Greek riot dog that had been on Time's "Personalities of the year" list in 2011, was sleeping peacefully as his heart stopped beating on the couch of his human caretaker. The dog's name was Loukanikos, the Greek word for "Sausage." He was 10 years old, and he will be remembered. Loukanikos will be remembered through the dozens of articles, like the one you are reading, that was written in his memory and honor. He will