Summer is well and truly upon us and while it’s oh so tempting to flick the air conditioning on for that instant ‘aaahhhh”, your conscience might take a bit of a lashing.

Air conditioning electricity comes from fossil fuels, and most notably coal. With the world relying more and more on air conditioning to keep us cool (you can thank climate change for that), we are using up vast quantities of coal on our air conditioning. Perhaps it’s time to look for alternative ways to stay cool this summer, both for our own bodies (air conditioning is not healthy for the body) and for the environment.

10 top tips to stay cool this summer:

1. Cotton sheets

Try and use cotton sheets on your bed as it breathes better than polyester and is really lightweight.

2. Hydration

Try and make sure you are fully hydrated before you go to sleep. It will mean you are less likely to wake up thirsty from the tossing and turning.

3. Cool shower

Try taking a cool shower right before you head to bed as it will help bring your body temperature down.

4. Pulse Points

The pulse points on the body can be found on the neck, wrists, inner ankles, top of the feet, inner thighs and the temple. When these areas are cool, they relay that feeling to the rest of the body.

Try using a wet handkerchief or even an ice-cube on the wrists or neck before you head to bed to cool the body down.

5. Don’t cook

Don’t cook, what a great reason to eat salad or head out for food on these warm evenings. When you use your stove/oven, it gives out a crazy amount of heat to your house/flat/apartment. To avoid increasing the inside temperature by not cooking this summer!

6. Peppermint

Drinking iced peppermint tea is a refreshing and cooling beverage that can help when the nights are heating up. You can also try adding peppermint oil to your moisturizer or a carrier oil (such as Almond oil) and massage your feet for an immediate cooling effect.

Try dabbing neat peppermint oil onto your pulse points for the same cooling effect.

7. Egyptian method

If the Egyptians were doing it, it has to be worth trying. Take a sheet and soak it in water, then put it on the spin in the washing machine timing it so it finishes right when you are ready to go to bed. Place the sheet over you, it will keep you cool thanks to the latent heat, which is how sweating cools the body down.

Just make sure you have a window open for maximum effect!

8. Go solo

If you want to stay cool, kick your loved one out of bed. When you share a bed you are increasing heat to your sleeping zone, which may make for an uncomfortable, sweaty night.

9. Evening foot spa

Try keeping a bucket of cold water by the end and soak the feet for 10 minutes before you start nodding off. It won’t keep you cool all night, but it may help you nod off. If you do wake up hot, you can easily stick your feet back in the water for a quick cool down.

10. Rice is nice

Try filling a bag with rice and sticking it in the freezer which can then be used as an ice pack if you do happen to wake up roasting.



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