This Exotic Fruit Kills Cancer Cells and Treats Diabetes!

///This Exotic Fruit Kills Cancer Cells and Treats Diabetes!

Nature holds the key to cure many ailments. We see remedies from around the world curing illnesses and saving lives – nuts, berries and even fruit juices have amazing effects on the human body. This is a refreshing change from what has become traditional medicines and reducing patients to chemotherapy and radiation for treatment.

One of the latest natural discoveries in health is the discovery of Bitter Melon as a weapon against diabetes and cancer. This fruit grown in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia has outstanding healing properties. Recently, it was found that Bitter Melon juice can actually kill cancer cells in-vitro—pancreatic cancer. Studies – IHC analysis of Mia PaCa-2 xenografts – were conducted, using laboratory mice, and showed that the effects were promising indeed.

How it works

The way Bitter Melon works is interesting. This fruit actually inhibits proliferation, starts cell apoptosis and activates AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase). This shows that BMJ (Bitter Melon Juice) works both in vivo and vitro. Where pancreatic cancer is concerned, this remedy proves very effective.

The most devastating Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is devastating because of its lack of symptoms. This type of cancer is often found in its later stages and proves difficult to treat. Even with radiation and chemotherapy, pancreatic cancer proves to be resilient for the most part.

Diabetes, Pancreatic Cancer and Bitter Melon

Cancer can be much worse when paired with other ailments. For example, cancer is devastating all on its own, but with diabetes, it can be a quick and ruthless killer. With pancreatic cancer, tumors have insulin receptors that help move insulin to cancer cells. This insulin helps the cancer cells grow and divide. Bitter Melon, on the other hand, regulates insulin production and limits the amount of insulin that is made available to the cancer cells in the body.

Dr. Rajesh Agarwal of the University of Colorado conducted a study to prove the effects of Bitter Melon Juice on the fight for survival. Mice, injected with cancerous tumor cells, were divided into two groups: test subjects and the control group. The test subjects were given Bitter Melon Juice and the control group was given only water. At the end of the study, results were gathered. The mice that were administered BMJ showed signs of cancer cell proliferation and even cell apoptosis. There were no signs of toxicity or negative effects on the body. There was a 60% improvement as opposed to the control group!

Diabetes alone

If Bitter Melon works with treating Pancreatic Cancer through insulin regulation, then surely Bitter Melon could simply improve symptoms of diabetes alone. Test results prove to be inconclusive but very hopeful. It seems that the effects of Bitter Melon juice do not provide as much treatment as the drug Metformen but are more than effective at reducing fructosamine levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. This only means that more testing is needed to gauge the effects of this natural remedy and find conclusive evidence in the future. There is hope!

It is a relief to know that natural remedies may make a larger impact on this debilitating monster than synthetic medicines and invasive procedures. Although further testing is needed, it is obvious that we have found a natural alternative for fighting cancer and treating diabetes. A refreshing change it is! It’s a new hope for science and medicine today!

by Sherrie H.


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