What Do Sex Dreams Mean and What Can They Reveal about You?

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Men and women differ when it comes to their sex dreams. Also, there are common ones which you can interpret in an interesting way. Sex. It is cheeky, romantic subject. You would probably know that it makes you lose yourself. But it turns out that sex is more than romance; it is scientifically proven to

12 Common Myths about Sex Debunked – Infographic

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In a world that is ruled by stereotypes, it’s no surprise that myths and misconceptions are quite common almost in any aspect of everyday life. Having settled in our minds, they affect our choices, behaviors and relationships with others. Most of the time, we don’t bother ourselves with wondering whether these myths are true or

8 Sex Tips for Every Spot on a Man’s Body

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1. His Erogenous Spots The male body, like that a female, contains many turn on spots or passion spots. Touching and teasing a man in these areas can't help but to turn on all of his senses and to make him feel very good. There are places on a man's body that contain super sensitive

10 Unexpected Benefits of Daily Sex

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Having regular sex will improve your health, relax you and help you get to sleep. So if you switch up regular sex to daily sex then all these unexpected benefits of having sex will lead you to live a healthy and happy life. 1. Exercise Don’t forget that sex is a form of exercise, you’ll

In A Relationship Rut? 5 Ways To Have More Sex

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Whether you're newlywed or many years married, your sex life is guaranteed to ebb and flow. This process is totally normal and natural, so don't panic if you're having less sex now than you were six months ago. Unless your relationship has recently experienced a major trauma (infidelity, for example), or there's a medical issue

15 Ways To Level Up in this Game Called Life

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Life is game. And like in video games, you can level up.It’s kind of similar no? In games, you gain experience points by killing monsters, traversing the world map, completing missions and defeating the tough, final bosses in their final form. Well, you can’t do any of that in real life. But you do gain

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