How to Recognize Controlling Behavior in The Early Stages of a Relationship

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Are you frightened of offending your partner? Are you unexpectedly quiet and reserved when he or she is around? A manipulative or abusive relationship can run you ragged both physically and emotionally. If you have such a partner, you will want to leave the relationship as early as possible. However, romantic involvement can make you oblivious to controlling behavior. Controlling personalities have ways to mask their conduct. So, how would

What Is Gaslighting and How to Recognize If Your Partner Is Using It to Manipulate You

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Have you ever been in a relationship with a person who nearly drove you out of your mind? Did they have a way of making you feel guilty beyond belief, even though it was them who made missteps in the relationship? You may have been the unfortunate victim of gaslighting. If you have experienced similar scenarios in your current relationship, you should take steps to find out what being gaslighted

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