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Women in China Rarely Get Breast Cancer and Here Is Why

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The thought of breast cancer is scary and troubles women worldwide. What may cause you to raise your eyebrows is that women in Asian countries such as China have lower incidences of the illness. Dietary preferences may explain this phenomenon. What is breast cancer? Simply put,  mammary cancer happens when cells in the breast turn

These Four Things Can Reduce the Risk of Cancer by up to 70%!

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A new study showed that by doing a few lifestyle changes, we can greatly reduce the risk of cancer. Did you know that there are over 200 types of cancer? Endless research and studies have gone into discovering cures and remedies for this high number of variants, and some therapy and treatment has been incredibly

Black Seed Oil: the Ancient Remedy That Is Said to Cure Almost All Known Diseases

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Black seed oil is an ancient remedy that you really need to know about. Black seed oil, also known as black cumin seed or Nigella sativa, has been scientifically proven as a treatment for a number of cancer types, as well as other diseases and infections. The seed oil actually comes from a herb, which

4 Tablespoons of This Homemade Mixture Can Help Cure Cancer, Says Russian Scientist

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The famous scientist Hristo Mermerski from Russia has put together a recipe of a homemade mixture that has been named as a cancer cure. Professor Hristo Mermerski described the formula as “... a food for treating the entire body, and cancer in that kind of body will withdraw.” The homemade mixture cleanses blood vessels, boosts the

Drink This Cancer Killer Juice Every Day on an Empty Stomach and See Its Wonderful Effect!

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You probably already know that everything you consume affects your health. Whether it be a cup of tea or a giant hamburger, whatever you put in your body has an effect on your body. That's why it is vital that you understand exactly what is in your food before you consume, and, moreover, the vital

Research Finds Grape Seed Extract More Effective Than Chemotherapy in Treating Advanced Cancer

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Cures for advanced cancer have been shown to be potentially more harmful to health than the cancer itself, with some of the long-term effects of invasive treatments being very serious. The danger of undertaking chemotherapy and radiation is both frightening and stressful for patients with the life-threatening disease, but recent scientific research has shown that

The German Dr. Johanna Budwig Shared The Recipe That Cured Cancer Naturally!

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Dr. Johanna Budwig was a German biohemist. In the 1950s, her research showed that the blood of individuals diagnosed with cancer lacks some essential elements, such as phosphatides and lipoproteins. Without them, cancer cells grow and multiply uncontrollably. According to Budwig, fatty acids with at least 18 carbon atoms in the carbohydrate chain can solve

Cannabis Oil Cures 8 Month Old Infant of Cancer, Dissolving Large Inoperable Tumor In 8 Months

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Dr. William Courtney’s youngest patient was diagnosed with a large inoperable brain tumour at just 8-months old. When the father started pushing for non-traditional methods of treatment such as cannabis oil, the doctor agreed. After two months of using the cannabis-based oil on the baby’s pacifier twice a day and then gradually increasing the

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