10 Images That Show How the World’s Largest Cities Changed in the Past Hundred Years

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The world's largest cities have changed a lot in the last century and these photos show how much the progress altered them. The 20th century, it was the worst of times and it was the best of times. Two great world wars that happened in the first half of the century threatened to end the civilization, but somehow they didn't. Instead, they encouraged people to create a better society for

Air Pollution: How Clean Is the Air You Breathe?

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Air pollution is an issue in many parts of the world. Do you ever wonder how clean the air you breathe actually is? A few years ago, the Mauna Loa Observatory (MLO) in Hawaii recorded the atmosphere’s global concentration of carbon dioxide to be four hundred parts per million (ppm). This is the first time such record levels have been reached in recorded history, and scientists have reasonable evidence to

12 Best Destinations for Romantic Getaways (Perfect to Rekindle Your Romance)

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We love each other but somewhere in our daily routine forget to express it often and hence, it becomes important to take time off from our busy schedules and take a vacation. A good destination plays a crucial role in giving you a relaxed and rejuvenated time. From wine yard country retreats to beach paradises, we bring you a super cool list of enchanting vacation destinations to swoon over. Read

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Backpacking At Least Once in Your Life

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There are many reasons why backpacking is a great choice for a vacation, but here are the three reasons everybody should try backpacking at least once. Picture this – you’re walking along the coast. A warm breeze ruffles your hair and brings with it the smell of saltwater. You stretch your legs out in front of you, eating up the miles as you trek towards your next adventure with nothing

The 10 Best Cities to Live Rich on a Dime (So You Can Bring Your Dreams to Life)

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We’ve all wondered if there is a better life awaiting us elsewhere and whilst you may work your hardest everyday just to pay for the essentials and barely getting by, your dreams get overshadowed. Have you ever wondered if there was a place that offered a lower cost of living, but a higher quality of life? Let’s break down the costs and see if such a place really exists. Your

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