There are no mistakes in this world, we are all part of a universal masterpiece. We are bigger than you think, we are bigger than we have been conditioned to believe.

As we move through the evolution of thought we are beginning to remember that there is more, we are beginning to remember that we are the creators.

In order to create reality, science, spirituality, and consciousness are all showing us that all things are alive with energy. As the quantum field begins to uncover a new understanding of our physical world, the ancient indigenous cultures are stirring with anticipation as we reconnect to the knowledge they have held since the dawn of man.

Prophecies are being fulfilled almost daily and there are only a few left. For the past 250 years, we have been taught to think our way through life, we have been taught to take the energy we need from our fellow man. Whether it is resources, physical labour, power, or fame.

We have been taught wrong. We have been conditioned to believe that progression is based on lack, domination, and fear. Today as we begin to remember to feel our way through life via our higher self, our heart, our gut, or whatever name one chooses to call it.

We are seeing that the planet itself is the balance of life, mother earth is the giver and taker of all the energy we could ever need, both positive and negative.

We can get our energy from the mountains, the trees, the oceans, the wind, and the rivers. When you feel weak it is not right to attack someone else emotionally or physically, all we do is hurt one another and perpetuate the cycle of lack and limit.

Nature will take that negative energy from you and bring balance to your life, topping you up with positive energy. It is time to stop taking energy from one another. We have become so wrapped up in this commercial illusion that has been painted for us that we base our energy level, our thoughts, our emotions, our self-esteem, on what other peoples thoughts and opinions are.

It is time we start getting our energy from nature once again. No longer must you give your power and your energy, to someone else on the bases of their opinion or “norm”. The cycle of acceptance and social security is an illusion.

We are here to be who we are, we are not here to fit into groups or meet certain stereotypes or criteria, we are not meant to take energy from one another. Earth is the great balance of polarity, we exist on earth for a reason. We do not feel captive by the earth thoughts or opinions of us, so why do we feel captive by other peoples thoughts of our or society’s thoughts of us? Because we are using energy wrong.

We have been taught and conditioned this way for a reason. We have been taught to use energy in this way to limit our own freedom and police our own power. To keep us from the truth that every single drop of energy is provided naturally.

We do not need the system, acceptance or permission to have what we want. The earth provides us with all the energy we need to create. It is time we remembered we are the creators and our life energy exists outside in nature, not in other people.


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