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5 Important Relationship Lessons We Can All Learn

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Relationships are something truly special in this world. Each one is different, yet similar in many aspects. We can see that relationships have many stages, and with those stages come new challenges and rewards. One of those stages that I am going to focus on is moving into the “long-term” category. Let’s face it, there are qualities that every long term relationship has, that we can model today, in our very own. Here we present you five relationship lessons to keep in mind, if you


How to Do More with Valentine’s Day, Without Spending a Dime

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When you hear about making a relationship last, people will often tell what you need to do, what key steps are involved, or even how much money you need to spend on your partner in Valentine’s Day. In all reality, you do not have to spend any money on your partner to build a relationship and keep it over time. All you need is three of your natural born senses. 1. Sight While you may see your partner every day, it is not what I