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5 Secrets to Being Irresistible

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We all know those people who radiate positivity, energy, and confidence, no matter their personal situation. Those kinds of people have a natural charm that just makes them irresistible and a pleasure to be around. But what exactly makes those people so irresistible? How do they capture the attention and hearts of everyone around them? Here are the five secrets you can start using today to make yourself irresistible. 1. Respect Others. Respecting others and treating others with respect is one of the most important


Do What You Love for a Living: This Is the Key to Success

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Every person has to work to make a living. However, the point is to do what you love, if you want to be truly successful. From having stressful jobs to having a profession that you do not really like or enjoy, sometimes many of us want to just quit our jobs and to do what we love to do. But considering the practicality of choosing that path, it is never easy. Based on the Gallup survey, there are only 32% of the American population who


6 Life-Changing Questions You Need to Ask Yourself in Your 20’s

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I remember my mom’s mid-life crisis. She was about 40, I guess when she decided that teaching rich kids in an exclusive private school was meaningless. So she just walked away. The following fall found her in a dingy classroom in one of the poorest school districts in our city, a classroom in which we spent many weekends scrubbing, painting, and sanding off old wooden desks. Years later, I also remember the phone calls she regularly got from some of those kids, now adults, who


Finding Your Passion Is Impossible with These 8 Dangerous Thoughts

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It seems like finding your passion is hopeless. Something is ruining your realization of goals and dreams. Help! What's the problem? Are you realizing the impossibility of finding your passion? Is it true that no matter how hard you try, you just can't see the results of your hard work? If this is you, then take heart. You are not the only one who feels this way or recognizes these downfalls. However, there is a bit of good news, a little silver lining on that


9 Reasons Why You Need To Find Your Life Purpose

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Do you know the real impact of NOT finding your Life Purpose? It’s as if you are on the highway going in one direction but you come across a road sign that is telling you your destination is in the opposite direction….but you keep driving the wrong direction anyway! We often go through life living someone else’s ideas. You agree with them and never learn to make decisions… The school wasn’t designed for us to make decisions, find your purpose OR to be free by


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