Humans Why Do We Have To Work?

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The attitude that is conditioned into our psyche from a young age is that we have to learn a skill and use that to get a job in order to earn money, which in term feeds the growth of the economy. One question I think almost every day but I find many other people don’t give it a second thought is why do we have to work? “Normal is

5 Rules For Being Human

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Being human is not always easy. We have to pretend we are interested in things we are not for the sake of social convention. There is a socially acceptable way to eat, speak, and behave. And heaven forbids we should ever dress inappropriately. That could literally end you up in prison. From the minute we are born, we are piled on with conditionings imposed upon us from our society that

These 30 Countries Contribute The Most Good To The World

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The Good Country Index ranks 125 nations based on how much they do for others globally in seven areas: science and technology, culture, international peace and security, world order, planet and climate, prosperity and equality, and health and well being. The ranking was created by merging of 35 data sets produced by organizations like the UN, WHO, and UNESCO over a period of nearly 3-years, according to The Economist. "What I mean

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