Blackfish: The Startling Documentary That Exposes the Truth About Captive Animals

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Animals should be protected while living in freedom as well. How do we go about this? It’s harder than it seems. If you want to take a closer look at this conundrum, examine the latest controversial film and movement. The movie Blackfish exposes the truth of Sea World. Let’s face facts, it exposes a great deal of what society is doing with animals- a captive 32-year old Orca named Tilikum,

Pyramids of Waste AKA The Lightbulb Conspiracy

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Have you ever heard about "The Lightbulb Conspiracy" Planned obsolescence documentary. Watch the following documentary video and learn about how the economic system of our devices is based on consumerism of them. Which is the philosophy of technology companies in devices consumption and recycling! Some devices are definitely made in order to dysfunction in a specified time period. The following documendary explains a lot of things that we have wondered about

190+ Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

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Here is a list of over 190 documentaries you can watch for free online to expand your consciousness. They are about Science, Consciousness, ETs, you name it. It’s a smorgasbord of fascinating subjects to learn about new things you are interested in. Watch these documentaries to expand your consciousness and your mind. If you find a video wrongly linked please let us know and we will find another to replace

Beginning of a New Era

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Beginning of a New Era – Producers Journey There was tension in the air when the famous Mayan long count calendar ended in 2012 on a winter solstice. People around the world were aware that something unpredictable could be happening on that mystical date. Some feared it would be the end of the world. But with those who have been initiated were happy to wave the long period of darkness

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