Everyone wants to raise an intelligent child, right? Well, there are a few parenting hacks which can help you do that.

I will say that parenting has been an interesting experience. Looking at a few parenting hacks made me realize that while I failed at some of these, I did manage to excel in just as many or more.

As I look at my children and listen to them talk, I am pleased. If you are a new parent, it would be wise to learn a few parenting hacks to help your child grow.

Intelligence and kindness

Two of the most important traits for a child to have our intelligence and kindness. To cultivate these attributes in your child, there are a few parenting hacks to help you along. Now, I’m not saying you have to follow these hacks to the letter, but it wouldn’t hurt to try them out with your family.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

1. Unplug

One way to help your child grow and tap into their own potential is to unplug from technology a bit. I know, I know, most of us just don’t want to turn off the televisions and gaming consoles, but it’s smart to do so every once in a while.

While technology has its perks, it limits our ability to see the big picture. Too much screen time prevents us from enjoying nature time. When children build a foundation on electronics, they stunt their growth in other areas. It’s just smart to be a well-rounded individual.

So, unplug from your devices and show children that this is a smart thing to do. Take them outside and spend just as many hours there as with the devices. You will notice a drastic improvement in your child’s behavior.

2. Limit sugars and processed foods

Although candy and salty snacks are quite delicious to a child, they are also bad news. In fact, processed foods and sugary snacks can actually lower the IQ. Simultaneously, healthy foods like vegetables and fruits can actually improve intelligence, provide needed vitamins and nutrients and boost energy levels.

So, one parenting hack would be to get creative with offering healthy foods or find creative ways to prepare them in order to make them more inviting to your child.

3. Consistency

Consistency really is key. As far as parenting hacks go, this one can carve a great character out of your child. This consistency includes setting foundations that do not change. It also sometimes includes implementing strict parenting at times and enforcing these rules.

When a child lives a consistent life, they start to understand the importance of rules and stability. With these lessons, they will grow to be intelligent adults who are also kind. They will then use this same strategy with their own children. Consistency sets a standard for generations to come.

4. Show them new things

One of the most important parenting hacks you can use for your child is to expose them to culture and experiences. Don’t always do the same things. Instead, add a bit of variety to their daily routine. Yes, consistency is key, but this applies to the structural things and the promises.

When it comes to new experiences, however, these things can be random and filled with exciting discoveries. For instance, if you normally take your child to the park on Wednesdays, try going to see a matinee for a change. You could also go to the zoo instead and surprise them.

Sometimes, it can be a simple as reading a book in a different location or letting them help you cook something new. Either way, new experiences are what helps your child grow and learn new things.

5. Don’t play hero all the time

Most parents, when they learn their child is in trouble or struggles with homework, will swoop in and save the day. While this seems honorable, it can also teach the child that someone will always save them when things get tough.

Well, maybe it’s time for a change to improve your child’s resiliency. You might not like what I am about to say, but the point is, you should stop helping them so much. I stopped helping with homework quite a while ago, and guess what, my children are intelligent and able to figure out their own work easily.

Sometimes, it’s better to let your child figure things out on their own. Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help them if you need to, what it means is that you should stop hovering and being overly protective. Let your child grow up and they will learn much more about life.

6. Chores. Chores, chores

Yes, it is important to learn to do chores. Your parents were right about this, and so were mine. Although I hated doing dishes or working in the garden, I now have the ability to run a household and grow my own foods.

You should enforce household chores and talk to your child about why they are important. No, don’t just hand out duties. This will make your child resentful. Teaching your child to do chores, and enforcing these chores on a day to day basis, will teach a number of things.

It will also help your child to become a kinder individual who loves to help others. You see, doing chores isn’t’ just about teaching skills, but it’s also about helping to complete household duties so that one person doesn’t carry the entire load.

Parenting hacks can change our world

Did you know that being a good parent and raising intelligent, responsible, and kind children can change our world? Yes! From one generation to the next, we can transform how people view each other and how they understand their role in life with just a few parenting hacks.

So, if you are a new parent, it’s time to set a standard for your offspring and their children as well. It takes one step at a time to make a great change and make a difference. I hope this has helped you.

So, what are your parenting hacks? Feel free to share!


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