This guy may be left alone, but he got inspired by his Bull Terrier and discovered a passion for art!

Divorce can be a tough experience which might take months and even years to conquer in a bid to get back to normal life especially in the absence of people around you. After all, marriage is meant to last forever or what do the words “till death do us apart” mean in the vows?

Unfortunately, it does not always pan out the way we anticipate. In other words, you never know what the future holds as far as marriage and relationships are concerned.

So, imagine this. What will you do if the one you love, the one you chose over all others in your life to be with you for the rest of your life, leaving you on your 30th birthday? How long would it take you to get over the betrayal of your love for him or her and get accustomed to living alone?

Well, hold your answers a bit and read the story of a man who went through such an experience. The interesting bit is not the experience but what he did after such a hard period! This is the story of a guy named Rafael Mantesso.

So, his wife did not settle to just leaving him but she took with her literally everything they owned! Talk of pictures, furniture, and even kitchenware. The only thing she left behind was their pit bull terrier – or should I say Rafael’s bull terrier – that has now become his best friend and the darling of many fans in social media.

With all the empty walls and solitude, Rafael took inspiration from Jimmy – his pit bull terrier – and discovered a passion for art! He started creating very imaginative and funny artwork scenes around Jimmy.

This newly found passion has grown big that it has spurred such a buzz among followers on social media with more than 500,000 followers on Instagram loving every bit of the work.

Now, there is a simple lesson we can learn from this: We can make something out of a bad moment in our lives!

Check out the amazing artwork of Rafael and his dog.

Jimmy Bull Terrier 1

Jimmy Bull Terrier 2

Jimmy Bull Terrier 3

Jimmy Bull Terrier 4

Jimmy Bull Terrier 5

Jimmy Bull Terrier 6

Jimmy Bull Terrier 7

Jimmy Bull Terrier 8

Jimmy Bull Terrier 9

Jimmy Bull Terrier 10

Jimmy Bull Terrier 11

Jimmy Bull Terrier 12

Jimmy Bull Terrier 13

Jimmy Bull Terrier 14

Jimmy Bull Terrier 15

Jimmy Bull Terrier 16

Jimmy Bull Terrier 17

Jimmy Bull Terrier 18

Jimmy Bull Terrier 19

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  1. Jan Stevenson

    I’d rather have the terrier than that bitch from the sounds of things anyway….

  2. Brenda Shoesmith

    Brilliant ! He is very talented !

  3. Maja Maja

    Love it!

  4. Pennie Michaels


  5. Kari

    Oh my god. that’s cute. You can never be lonely if you have a dog. They are the most patient and loving beings in the world.

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