Humans have a built-in survival mechanism that urges them to emphatically and psychically connect with those around them, making them more intuitive.

Some people consciously strive to strengthen their intuitive abilities and become aware of their psychic energies and I will be telling you how you can too.

Veils are an imperative part of these abilities and can often also be described as blocks. The myriad realms of realities that surround us can be difficult to get to grips with, but veils can be lifted to allow us to peek into other spaces to differentiate between our reality and other realities.

An article was posted on Melbourne University’s website about a research team who examined a select number of individuals who were at high risk of developing psychosis. The results showed that those who went on to develop schizophrenia, as opposed to other forms of psychosis, were unable to identify smells.

This observation makes sense if you look into the theory of veils. There are many old adages that imply the nose is a perceptive tool to assist our perception of things happening around us, such as “its right under your nose,” “I smell a rat” and “sniff out the danger.”

Without this perception, we are more prone to having our veils permanently damaged or removed.

Can veils be misused?

Veils can clearly define the stop and start points of a realm when used properly. As I mentioned earlier, veils can often be described as blocks or blockages, which implies we cannot connect. Keeping our own blocks (personal baggage) in the way can stop us from knowing which is easier, but not necessarily the best solution.

How can you discern the start/stop point of a particular veil?

The nose is an excellent sensory perception tool, as mentioned earlier, for locating the start/stop point of veils. This is backed-up by the 5000-year-old ancient art Jin Shin Jyutsu, which uses acupressure to recognize the bodies main central flow with the nose as a main point on the path.

Following where your nose takes you, whether it’s into a new space or to simply turn your head is the first step in locating a start/stop point of another realm.

Traversing from veil to veil

When it comes to traveling between the realms, there are two things you need to be aware of: being in the veil and being between veils. To be in one is to be engaged in some form of communication. To be between veils is to be transferring focus from one space to another space.

Within each veil, there are many realms and traveling from veil to veil can feel as though you are simply shifting your attention from one space to another. Once you move past the feeling of not trusting what you are seeing and experiencing, you can travel from veil to veil simply by trusting yourself and your intuitive abilities.

Is it possible to get lost in a veil?

Out of body experiences can happen whilst travel through veils, which will result in feeling a state of relaxation and being unaware of what is happening. However, when this occurs, it is important to remember that there are tethers of cord connecting your physical body to your other-worldly body so you are never really away from yourself.

These ideas can open many new doors for you and new vistas of understanding into intuitive abilities that will hopefully invite more questions to your mind.


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  1. Leia Fry

    I know OBE’s are possible because I’ve had several. I then wanted to see if I could actually control when it took place so I went into an extreme relaxed state and continued to visualize me “taking off” sure enough after an extended time I felt myself shoot out thru the roof of my house, I was very conscious of what was happening because I as soon as I was outside I said “Yea I did it” and continued to go upward by my own doing. I’m sure some people think it’s crazy, however I feel to think that this is all there is and we already know what our mind/body/spirit are capable of is crazy

  2. Loudy Malicher

    “What is really important to remember is, that while exploring veils you may think, you could get lost, but in fact, you are never away from yourself.” Thank you for this very interesting article.

  3. Ahren Provance

    I think that this is a good example of individuals sensitive to various non-physical aspects of “reality” being diagnosed with a severe psychosis, when they’re actually just more awakened people.

  4. Nardz X-Arsh

    I have been blessed to have a mother who lead me in a knowledge of possibilities …as her nana read tea leaves and healed, her cousin ( bought up as a sister) sees spirit/energies… my mum guiding hand gave me great lessons in empathy, love and caring luckily for me . So for myself from a young age I had knowledge without knowledge if you know what i mean, there were just things over the years I know some how, even now. Anyway the comment you made above on schizophrenia is along the line of what I believe to be the case also, I feel that it is an inability to decipher one reality from the next, not a mental illness but a spiritual unawareness if you like. Maybe a lack of belief in the possibility of it, creating a mass confusion in their minds. This is also something I have not studied in any way but kind of just know is true. Was quite good to stumble on this article 🙂 soul harmony to all x

  5. Alissa

    Do you believe that everyone has psychic abilities, or is it something that you’re either born with or not?

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