Reducing energy consumption and lowering wastage remains a key European objective.

This infographic indicates how energy is being consumed in homes across Europe, and the steps which can be taken to lower consumption and wastage further if exacting EU targets are to be met.

Global performance indicators highlight which are the most proficient countries in reducing energy consumption and shows the progress they have made over recent years.

The infographic details where most energy is being consumed in an average household and highlights seven areas where wastage can be reduced.

Adopting these seven points, and being more eco-friendly in the home, will help reduce electricity bills. They will also go a long way to helping the government reach, and maintain its key targets and objectives to reduce energy consumption. And, of course, the long-term goal of cutting emissions by 80%-90% (compared to 1990) by 2050.

Check this infographic – How Energy Efficient Are European Homes?

How Energy Efficient Are European Homes


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