Finding the one is mythical for some people, yet this does not stop us from looking for it.

Time and time again I hear people giving up on love because the person they thought was the one really wasn’t. What a shame is my only response. Sometimes even the clearest text can be misread, but that is no reason to give up on love.

Overall, there are more than a few signs you can look for when dating someone, but if they are not there, don’t worry! Every relationship is different, so trust your heart and gut feelings.

1. You Can Admit Your Failures

Pride is such an evil vice. I have seen it tear relationships that I thought would last until the end of time to shreds in no time. When you have that one person in your life whom you can admit that you were wrong too, it is important to keep them around.

Keeping yourself humble and honest is the best way to go through a relationship.

2. Your Actions Are Not Held Against You

Living in a relationship where “anything you say or do will be held against you” is not an ideal relationship! Look for the person to understand your point. There is a difference between holding something against you and hating you for it, then remembering what you did but let it go.

Often these two are confused and leads to hurt on both ends, but in any event, you have to go more into the situation and find that you do still love the person all the same.

3. You Read Each Other Like Books

You know you have a lifelong partner when you can glance over to them and convey a full paragraph of information. When your partner accurately understands you, not only do you have a great charades partner, you have someone who is truly in tune with you.

Not many couples can communicate on that level, so be proud of you and your partner can. If you can fear not, some people just aren’t very good at understanding nonverbal cues, don’t worry, it comes and goes.

4. They Encourage You To Do Your Thing

Each and every one of us has something that we all want to do, from a goal to a lofty dream; it gives us the motivation to keep on moving. A trait to be sought after in your “one” would be to encourage you to be yourself. Too many times in a relationship will a person lose their identity to become “we”.

This can be beneficial for some, especially if they have the same goals and motivations, it does not work for all of us. If you are like me, sometimes you have to forge your own path, be sure that your partner is up for the challenge.

5. You Would Not Change Them for the World

Yes, there will be times where you wish your partner would just do something differently, but at the end of the day, you love them all the more for it. Putting up with their stuff is different from dealing with it.

You have to love their quirks if you want to live with them, and I am sure they tolerate or even laugh at some of the things you do differently. Embrace these differences as that is what makes them who they are, whom you fell in love with.

Finding The One is not something that you can set out to do.

Allowing love into your life and letting the right person come to you is the only way to go. If you go out of your way, you may just be passing up the person you were meant for. After all, there is no specific way to know that the person you flipped off on the road is not your Mr. or Mrs. One. Stay open-minded.

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