Do you feel like something mysterious is happening to you, like your world is about to change, but you just can’t describe it?

Those around you may look at you strangely for voicing this and even tell you to ignore it, but that is only because they don’t understand the incredible Laws of Attraction.

The universe is an infinite and uncontrollable entity that plays by its own rules.

However, when you focus and choose to tune into to your inner-self, you will be greatly surprised at how much information you can uncover.

Pay attention and if you notice these 5 signs you can better prepare yourself for the changes you are about to encounter.

1. You feel distant and detached

Have you noticed lately that you feel distant from those around you and even detached from physical reality?

Whether you just can’t connect with your friends or family the way you used to or you’re no longer interested in the same activities, it’s a clear sign that something within you is changing.

2. Relationships are changing around you at an alarming rate

Sure it’s a natural part of life when a relationship begins or ends. However, it makes you curious when more than a few relationships end around you all at the same time.

Have you noticed more than one or two of your friends going through a break up within the same month? This is a clear indication that your world is changing and you are likely being affected along with your friends around you.

3. You can’t sleep

If you feel you haven’t been able to sleep well lately, don’t simply dismiss it as insomnia.

Whether it is taking you hours to fall asleep every night or you end up in a constant state of very light sleep, waking up many times throughout the night, it’s possible that your sleep behavior is due to the planets aligning in your favor.

4. You keep seeing signs

The universe is full of signs, whether you choose to notice them or not. If you have vivid recurring dreams, see the same number sequences daily without trying, or notice very distinct patterns throughout your day there’s a good chance that these occurrences are related to your near future.

To test this out, try keeping a journal nearby at all times and writing anything remarkable down. Review what you have written at the end of each day and then again at the end of each week, and see if you come across any interesting coincidences.

5. Your emotional tendencies are changing

You may notice that you are more emotional than usual. Are you crying during a sad movie when you used to make fun of the people who did such things? Or maybe you are less emotion than usual, feeling closer to numb.

This changing of your emotions might be slightly frightening to you, however, it just means you are going through a period of internal shifting and it will likely balance out eventually.

Do any of the signs above ring true for you? Do you believe your world is about to change? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. Gagan

    All are true,what should I do now.

  2. sharron davies

    hi i keep getting told to prepare myself for transition as it will hapoen soon.i know as felt something big going to happen just a bit confused of exacly what

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