I love the power of Freecycle. With the use of a few candles, you can achieve your free room heating and you can also save a few bucks.

I managed to get enough terra cotta pots to make six large candle space heaters. Now I made the mistake of using too many pots. With large ones on the outside, they were not as effective. So with a quick change out, we removed the largest pot and they performed perfectly.

Now I learned something else, you will get what I am talking about after watching these two videos. The first one is how to make the type seen above, with hardware, and the second is how to make one without the hardware.

I have combined the two. If you build a smaller one with hardware, then put a larger one over the top as in the second video, then the effects are even better at warming the air around you.

We also have put a plastic drop cloth over our windows to seal out the drafts and create a barrier to help prevent heat loss. In our two south-facing windows, we have installed the first passive solar heater I have built.

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A DIY Tiny House Heater

Ok when I said built, it was only measuring cardboard, gluing tin foil, and spray painting it black. I wanted to see just how effective it would be, and with just this basic design we have had 60-plus Celsius air coming out of the top slot in the design.

Basically, the sun heats the black paint, which in turn warms the air, which as we know hot air rises up, so cooler air gets drawn in at the bottom and a thermal current is created. Works rather well too.

So, are you ready to build your own DIY room heating?


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