Despite the media stating that the elderly are the most vulnerable to COVID-19, it seems that one older survivor recovered from COVID-19.

There have been a few cases of individuals above the century mark defeating the COVID-19 virus. Despite what society claims, these resilient people are beating the odds. One such case involves a man born during the Spanish flu crisis.

Surprising survival

One Italian born man who chooses to be called, “Mr. P” survived the present pandemic at the age of 101. According to many, this seems unbelievable, and some may think it’s a false report too. But he is not the only one.

There have been a few others who’ve survived at this age as well. For now, however, we will focus on Mr. P, hospitalized and diagnosed with COVID-19 in a Rimini hospital in Italy. This amazing man was just recently released, completely free of the COVID-19 virus symptoms.

“…truly extraordinary…hope for the future…Mr. P made it. The family brought him home yesterday evening to teach us that even at 101 years, the future is not written.”

-Rimini’s deputy mayor, Gloria Lisi

Survival during the Pandemic

Over 100,000 cases are recorded in Italy as of this week, only second to the United States. CNN reports that during this outbreak, even the elderly still have hope. And so, we fight on. The young, the old, and the middle-aged, we all pull together to defeat this thing.

Maybe Mr. P had some built up resistance due to being born during the Spanish flu, or maybe he didn’t. Considering the other cases of those around his age, this makes a bit of sense. Either way, he made it through one of the fastest-spreading pandemics in a while. We are surprised and both happy for Mr. P.

After all, Mr. P has shown us that no one knows who will survive and who will conquer this deadly virus. COVID-19 cases continue to grow, not yet reaching its peak. This tells us that we should stay safe, distancing from each other, and staying clean.

We thank Mr. P for setting a standard of survival. He is a positive influence for us all that there is hope even during the darkest times.

Just stay safe and keep fighting.

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