Some of you are at a loss about why washing your hands is so important, and this is one reason for the spread of past germs and viruses.

Now that Covid-19 is rapidly spreading across the globe, we have to learn the proper hygienic measures. This, among other steps, means learning how to wash your hands.

What exactly are we removing?

When we wash our hands, we are removing microbes, organisms that could cause disease. We are also removing germs which are pathogens which are also microbes that can cause disease.

In order to properly wash your hands, you must follow steps implemented by government organizations such as the CDC. These steps ensure that you get the best chance at killing germs which can possibly kill you. This is not being said to cause panic, but to educate.

Let’s use our hygiene in a proper way.

Start washing your hands the right way

wash your hands the right way

1. First, wet your hands with either cold or warm water, then turn off the tap.

Never wet your hands in standing water because it could already be contaminated by someone else. Always use running water. As it doesn’t matter so much what temperature the water is, but warm water can possibly irritate the skin.

2. After turning off the water, use soap to clean your hands.

Using soap, which has surfactants, lifts microbes from the skin when scrubbing. You don’t have to use antibacterial soaps because both the FDA and previous studies show no real difference in the ability to remove germs and microbes.

3. Lather your hands

Lather the backs of your hands, underneath the nails and between your fingers. Scrub all these areas as this removes even the most stubborn germs from the hands. The nails carry most of the germs, so pay close attention to remember each one and clean thoroughly.

4. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds

It just makes sense. Giving yourself a good 20 seconds to clean the entirety of your hands is just smart, and does give you a better chance of removing all germs and microbes lurking within dirt, grease, or grime.

5. Rinse hands under running water

Never rinse your hands in standing water for the same reasons you wouldn’t do so when washing them. Rinsing removes all the germs you scrubbed loose.

6. Dry hands with a clean towel or air dry

Although there are no hard studies on how to dry your hands, it just makes sense to use clean towels or the air. Never use dirty towels or rub your hands on your clothing. This defeats the purpose of washing your hands in the first place.

I hope everyone stays safe during this time of concern

While there seems to be a pandemic, there’s no reason to panic. As long as you pay attention to proper hygiene steps and follow the basic guidelines set up by your government and other health organizations, you will be a step ahead of this illness.

I wish everyone well.

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