About Colleen Bartlett

Colleen Bartlett is a mental health advocate, songwriter, and blogger whose passion is to bring awareness to mental health through her writing and music. She believes in the indomitable resilience of the human heart and spirit and hopes to help others tap into their inner brilliance by sharing her own experiences with honesty and warmth. Colleen doesn’t shy away from the darkness and the struggle. Her mission is to help her readers discover serenity in their lives while she seeks it in her own. Colleen has been featured on reputable websites like TheMighty.com and runs her own blog www.colleenbartlett.com

When You Hit Rock Bottom, Follow These 7 Tips to Turn Your Pain into Your Purpose

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Have you ever hit rock bottom and felt like nothing good could come out of it? You’ve hit rock bottom, nothing is aligning in your favor, and you fall into a deep, dark depression. There’s nothing more isolating than feeling alone in suffering. There’s nothing harder than fighting a fight that doesn’t seem to have an end or a purpose. But I’m here to tell you this: If we allow it to, our deepest pain can lead to truer versions of ourselves and guide us

6 Ways to Reconnect with Your Authentic Self (and Why You Should!)

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In today’s society, it’s often difficult to stay connected to our authentic self. Fortunately, there are ways we can restore this connection. We live in a culture that makes it almost impossible not to build walls around our truest, most authentic self. We learn early on to suppress emotions and portray perfect “put together selves.” This is detrimental not only to us as individuals, but also to our communities and culture as a whole. We cannot access our truest potential and live out our best