5 Types of People You Should Immediately Distance Yourself from

///5 Types of People You Should Immediately Distance Yourself from

Types of People You Should Immediately Distance Yourself from

Perhaps you never noticed, but you may have some ‘friends’ that match certain types of people you should avoid.

When it comes to sorting out your life, you might think that organizing your wardrobe and cleaning out your drawers would help – but have you ever thought about really considering your friendships?

Some types of people can be a poisonous influence in your life – and sometimes it’s important to figure who that is and really look at your friendship.

1. The friend who really can’t be happy for you.

It’s acceptable that some of your friends will have moments of jealous, like when you go on an amazing holiday or get married – that’s sort of OK and very normal. But it’s another thing when your friend can’t even pretend to be happy for you, it’s beyond jealous, it’s outright mean!

2. The friends that only ever want to talk about themselves.

Have you ever had that friend who will always call, and you know that when you pick up the phone it’s going to be a story about how badly his/her day went, and how dramatic their life is? That’s one thing, but these people also NEVER ask you how your day is… That’s a one-sided friendship right there. Another trait of this friend is having an excuse to hang up as soon as you start talking about your problems. If you have never had a mutual conversation with this person, then they really need some space.

3. The friend who always talks about people behind their back.

Have you ever had that friend that every time you try to talk to them they just want to gossip? All he/she wants to do is talk about what is happening on Facebook, or who just got fired, or what someone wore. It’s tiring. It’s the sort of person that will never partake in Facebook conversation but will know everything about the lives of the people on her feed.

4. The friend who will only meet up with their significant other.

Have you ever had the friend who books a night, but automatically assumes it’s OK to bring his/her significant other? Whether it be a ladies night or a knitting club, they will assume it’s OK that their partner crashes the party. Well, it isn’t! Three often is a crowd, and you can’t be put in the middle all of the time. You may have already had the conversation with your friend about this, so maybe it’s time to distance yourself.

5. The friend who is annoyed about something, but you don’t know what it is.

Have you ever experienced a friend who seemed annoyed at you about something, for years, and you had no idea what it was? It seems as though you must have done something wrong, and you will continually ask if “everything is OK?” but they will never tell you the truth. In some cases, even long-term friendships suffer from this, and it can cause a terrible communication breakdown.

You may have had a friend for a long time, but if they come under one of these types of people maybe it’s time to make a change? Have a confrontation when it’s needed otherwise you will find yourself stuck in a friendship rut.

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By Charlotte H.

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5 Types of People You Should Immediately Distance Yourself from

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