What types of friends do you have in your life?

Having great friends is awesome! Having different types of friends is even better. We all need support and people who we can trust around us…

Who are those irreplaceable people in our lives and why is it important to have them?

1. Best friend/friends

People who you can have a lot of fun with and people who you can tell absolutely anything. People who you can trust 100% and people who you can rely on in any situation. Having somebody who’s always got your back no matter what is one of the most important things in the world.

A lot of us have people whom we have known since school/kindergarten/university, who have grown to be our best friends because we’ve known them for so long and went through so much together.

It’s an amazing feeling having someone like this in your life! However, best friends are not always only those who have celebrated a number of your Birthdays with you – sometimes life gives us people who become our best friends very quickly and easily.

People who understand you. Keep hold of those who actually get you and who are similar to yourself; it’s difficult to find such people!

2. Crazy friends

Friends who you can have a good laugh with and do some crazy things together not worrying about what they are going to think of you. A bit of insanity in your life sometimes helps.

We all need a release from time to time; a sprinkle of fun madness and silly parties can be a life savior! Those people who genuinely make you laugh no matter what makes life so much brighter! Positive outlook and giggles can turn the darkest day into a spring-summer morning.

3. Clever friends

Having friends who are smarter than you is incredibly helpful. We all need a piece of advice now and again and it’s great to turn to competent people for it. Friends who know things and friends who are willing to share their wisdom with you are so important to have!

Not only will they tell you when you are wrong, but also they will often show you the right way when you are lost. All of us sometimes find ourselves in situations in which we do not know what to do; and having a person who may help you find a way out can be a crucial thing.

4. Well-connected friends

Friends who possess a lot of different connections can always recommend somebody and hook you up with the right people. Whether you need an accountant, a person to walk your dog or a property developer – they will know them.

And they will only recommend the most reliable ones! Finding theater tickets or a good private tutor is no longer a problem. And guess what, if you’re good at what you do, they will recommend you to other people as well.

5. Friends who fancy you

Self-esteem is something that a lot of people naturally lack. Having someone who likes you (and who you may actually like back) is an amazing self-esteem booster.

You can have fun together, cry on each other’s shoulders and simply watch film together… but that little something extra makes all the difference!

6. Well-organised friends

Friends who can plan holidays, parties, trips and dinner table settings, book tickets and find the right places/objects/people on time. Not all of us have fantastic organizational skills, so having a responsible person who can do all of those things (and enjoy doing them at the same time!) makes life so much easier.

People who do not forget anything, who can plan ahead and who are never late are a great example of what we should all aim to become! But in the meantime, while we are learning, someone has got to do all of the important stuff…

7. Friends who believe in you

It’s always crucial to have someone who believes in you and is absolutely sure that you are amazing. No matter what, such people will tell you that everything is going to be absolutely fine and will genuinely believe in it.

Because they believe in you and that you can do anything! And you can!

Just think of all your friends now… What types of friends are they?

Categorizing friends is a rather silly thing to do, however, making sure that all of the people in your life are the right people for you is important.

Making sure that you are one of those types for your friends as well is even more important.

Having great people in your life is wonderful, but being a great person for someone else is even better!

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