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This Touching Story about a Bullied Boy Shows How One Small Gesture Can Save Someone’s Life

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This is a touching story about a boy called Kyle and how one kind action can change someone’s life. There was a boy in high school and one day he saw a boy from his class, called Kyle, walking home having been in school. Kyle was carrying all his books from school. The boy thought “why would he be taking all his books home from school on the weekend? He

This Heart Warming Story about a Hungry Mom at McDonalds Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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There is an inspiring trend emerging in coffee shops and cafes across the country, and it is restoring my faith in humanity. Paying it forward is a new idea that has developed in cafes around the world, and its concept is very simple. You simply pay for the next person’s food or drink so that they get a free meal or drink. In some cafes the concept of paying it

8 Inspiring Weight Loss Success Stories Not To Miss

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There are many factors that cause weight gain: couch potato lifestyle, unhealthy heating habits, addictions, injuries, baby weight gain and more. Have you added some weight in the last couple of months or years and looking to shed some of it? At times all you need is some motivation. Well, look no further. Check out these 8 weight loss success stories of different healthy-minded individuals who took different paths to

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