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3 Troubling Differences between the Current Generation of Children and That of Past Decades

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When comparing the current generation of children to that of past decades, it’s easy to see some troubling differences. Many of these differences are the result of new technology that just wasn’t available in the recent past and therefore was not a problem until now. Three of the main differences between the current generation and children of the past are the addiction to technology, health problems and loss of independence. Addiction

10 Things to Avoid to Make Your Life Better This Year

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January. As the kick-off month of a new year comes to its end, people bust out their new year’s resolutions in hopes of starting the year right. Fresh start. Clean slate. Since most resolutions are about the thing you SHOULD do, we flipped that and just listed down the things you should avoid to make your life better this year. 1. Leaving clean-up for the weekend The dirty plate on

Top 10 Unhealthiest New Fast Food Meals

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Summer brings all sorts of seasonal joys: great weather, summer fruits, blockbuster movies, vacations, and new offerings by our nation’s most popular eating establishments. No one likes the same old thing all the time and fast food venues are always coming up with new and exciting ways of bringing you in. Here are some of this season’s best unhealthiest new meals you can get at your friendly neighborhood fast food

Top 8 Disgusting Facts About Fast Food

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What you know about fast food is probably bad enough. What you don’t know may be even worse. The realities of processed foods are becoming more mainstream. Let us look behind the curtain…be forewarned that some of this stuff is truly nasty. 1. Chicken McNuggets. In actuality, there is a very little chicken in the nuggets.[1] Samples from two fast food chains contained mostly fat, connective tissue, and bones. In

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