Namaste is a word that has become extremely popular among new age spirituality and yoga practitioners. But did you know what Namaste means?

Avid readers of LifeAdvancer will have probably at some point in their lives attended a yoga class (and hopefully, regularly) and heard this spoken at the end of a class, normally with palms together pressed to the chest with a slight bow of the head, but did you ever wondered what is the true meaning of the word Namaste?

It is a way for Hindus to greet one another, no matter age or gender. The word comes from Sanskrit when we break it up, namah+te= I bow to you. Beautifully, it also can be interpreted as na ma=, not mine. Meaning that we wish to reduce our own ego in the presence of someone else.

There are a number of translations of what it means, but my personal favourite is “the light in me honours the light in you”. It is a really nice way of saying hello.

What does Namaste mean in yoga?

In yoga, when we say Namaste, we are sending out peace and spirituality in the hope that we will receive something positive back. It is said at the end of a yoga class to thank the teacher for what they have given us in that hour.

This word is not strictly related to yoga however, it’s a word to be said to anyone who deserves respect. Whether that is an elder, a family member, a neighbour but someone who we feel deserves our respect.

What does Namaste mean in spirituality?

Spiritually, Namaste means that the life force within myself is the same in all and everything. During prayers, Hindus will close their eyes to look into their inner spirit. Some may utter names of Gods or just the common “om shanti” in Hindu chants.

During class, when we utter Namaste, it reminds us to acknowledge the other students in our class as well as our teacher. It reminds us that we are all in the class together, and for a deeper meaning, we are all in this world together so we should go about respecting one another.

How to practice Namaste:

  • Place the two palms of the hands together.
  • Place the folded palms in front of the chest.
  • Whilst speaking the word Namaste, keep the hands on the chest and slightly bow your head.

The beautiful thing about this word is that it has so much meaning, from a simple greeting to acknowledging our existence within our yoga class and the world. You can even live your life with the principles of Namaste.

During a yoga class, Namaste creates a union of all our spirits which in turn creates a moment of inner peace within us all. If we allow it, we can let this ripple out into our relationships, family, and friendships. It can help remove the tensions and conflicts in your life in these other areas.

You could try using the principles of Namaste with your partner. Take a moment to tell them that you really see them, it will make them feel so special and create a really special moment between the two of you.


~The light in me honours the light in you~


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  1. Aia Dakdouk


  2. Laleh Pop

    Namaste 🙂

  3. Dr Erskine Fenty

    When in parts of Asia and this word has been said to me by strangers, it has made me feel inclusive and that is a nice feeling.

    1. Gordon Taylor

      Our yoga teacher uses it

    2. Nancy Jo Hitchcock

      Rick Deckard No namaste to you!

  4. Caren Karabani

    The God in me acknowledges the God in you. #Namaste

    1. Phillip Schmidt

      or the light

    2. Caren Karabani

      Watered down yes

  5. Véronique Frasier

    Ouai c’est ça …

  6. Gaia Owens

    It’s an answer.

    Q: Do you want to hang out?
    A: Namaste inside, thanks.

    Q:Would you rather be over there?
    A: Namaste with you. 😉

    Q: Given the choice to switch, it’s open you can get over anytime you…
    A: Namaste in my lane.

  7. Sharmila Titus

    The god in me, greets the god in u.

    1. Amiya Chatterjee

      One palm is You another is ME …..Namaste….We are together, Inseparable.

  8. Mark Evans

    Namaste = I respect you.

  9. Laura Stollorz Schroeder

    Namaste= western indoctrination and adaptation of Hinduism, nothing more. Just a cult that practices “pop culture” yoga.

  10. Dafanie Goldsmith

    The holiness in me recognizes the holiness in you

  11. Caren Karabani

    It’s not a greeting

  12. Emil Emilio Emiliano

    Not? Please, explain to me how it’s not.

  13. Amiya Chatterjee

    Deepest spiritual faith is simple….Very simple.Those who make it sound complicated are not wise enough.

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