This Patent Could Crush Monsanto and Save the World!

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Patent Could Save the World

Now, you might be a person who never misses the latest trends but I bet you may not have heard of this amazing story.

The story is ironically little known to many given the magnitude of this story to the future of the world!

Enough with the cat and mouse game now and let’s talk about Paul Stametsa scientist who should be taking the world of agriculture and technology by storm now but to my surprise is not! This guy has invented a very creative way of fighting pesticide in crop farming albeit without the use of chemicals!

We all know the detrimental effects associated with the use chemicals not only in crop farming but also to the general environment. It has been found that the population of bees has been on decline – a feat that is attributed to chemical use in crop farming. That’s just a single stat that will probably mean nothing to many but still serves the purpose of showing how Mother Nature is being affected by the use of chemicals.

Anyway, chemical manufacturing companies are reaping loads of cash courtesy of sale of terrible chemical products to the ever ballooning agricultural sectors of the world. No wonder Paul Stamets has had a rough time breaking through a market dominated by chemical companies worth billions. In fact, it is hard to imagine that he received his patent in 2006 and has yet to showcase the real deal to the world.

There is nothing more effective than using nature against nature and Paul has shown how to achieve this in the world of agriculture. The creative bit of the tactic amazes me even more in that the magic lies in mushrooms. Paul adopts Fungi and morphist as in the pest control scheme by ensuring that they do not produce spores – this will, in turn, attract insects and turn them to future fungi! Did I mention that it can fight over thousands of pest species! Now if you do not think that is pure genius then you should have some sort of a problem.

For those who fancy in smart agriculture, this should be something to celebrate about lest the idea does not materialize into a big solution for us. If it does not, then we will have to blame the big chemical companies that are only aiming at making money rather than creating eco-friendly options for the consumers.

Now it is time to hope – let’s hope that Paul’s idea ends up being the number one solution for pests in most parts of the world.

Visit the Wikipedia page about Paul Stamets:

And finally, here is a TedTalks video by Paul in 2008 called: 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World

By Egline J.

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This Patent Could Crush Monsanto and Save the World!

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