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7 Ways Successful People Remain Calm When Life Gets Out Of Control

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Every now and again life doesn’t throw us a curve, it aims a quiver full of arrows. When this happens, we don’t know which way to turn or what to do to remain calm. Panic sets in. This is followed by the frantic activity or total immobility. But there are some people, who seem to navigate this onslaught of trials in a calm and peaceful manner. What is their secret? 1. They know every problem has a solution. When you start from this understanding you

20 Signs It’s Time To Let Go & Move On

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We find out how strong we are in the moments of uncertainty life inevitably gives us. The unplanned events – layoffs, death, disease or divorce – can come crashing into our world at any moment. Then the questionable life changes crop up. Should I stay or should I go? Should I buy or save? Should I forgive or forget? Should I move or not? The shoulds become a thirsty internal craving as we try to process the best outcome for our life. The problem? In

Know Thyself: A Perspective of How You and Others See Yourself

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Have you ever wondered how others see you? Do you know? Spend some time and pick a person you know; bring the image of this person to your mind and think about how he/she usually treats you, and, why he/she does it in that way. What is it that makes someone create the image of you in their mind? It is the image that you have created for yourself. The "Reality Tunnel" Like any other, you create your own "reality tunnel", based on your perspective