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7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Justifying Yourself to Others and Just Do Your Thing

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Are you used to justifying yourself? In this article, you will find some good reasons to stop doing it. What people think of me is none of my business! After all, I don’t think about them at all. Justifying yourself can simply be defined as explaining who you are, why you are who you are, why you believe what you believe, why you did what you did, why you said what you said. By doing so, you have implicitly placed the other person in a

Being an Independent Woman Comes with These 4 Struggles

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Being an independent woman isn't always easy. Before we talk about being an independent woman, let me say a couple of words about myself. I’ve always thought that being single (either a single mom or just plain single, no husband, partner whatsoever) is a curse in our family. My mother, my lesbian sister, my closest aunt, and most of the women in the family are all successful with their careers but not in love life. When you’re in college or in your early 20s, to

6 Benefits of Keeping a Journal for Your Personal Growth & Mental Health

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Did you know that keeping a journal can help you improve your mental health and enhance your personal development? What if I told you that the most important book you will read in your life isn’t written yet? Well, at least it is not finished yet. This book is your personal journal and its writer is your inner soul that is craving to come out and show itself through the letters on the paper. Keeping a journal is one of the simplest ways of self-reflection

9 Life Choices That Can Make Your Life as Bright as the Sun

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Are you tired of making always wrong life choices? It's never too late. Your life is a result of the choices you made in the past. If you don’t like your present life, it’s the time to make some better choices to make your life better and brighter than ever. This post is dedicated to those who are tired of making wrong life choices and now wish to make the right ones. Here’s you will know that you create your destiny, and it is created

6 Things You Should Stop Doing to Make a Relationship Last

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No matter the relationship, sometimes we tend to say things we regret. We ruin friendships, long term relationships, or we step off on the wrong foot for a budding relationship. While every person is different, there are some very central ideas that you should never say or do if you are trying to make a relationship last. 1. Never Threaten to Leave If you are saying that you will leave your partner, how do you expect them to want to stay with you? If you are

Do This One Simple Exercise to Unlock your Personal Power

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There is one simple exercise you need to be doing that will improve your life more than you could have ever imagined. Calm an over-active mind, unlock your subconscious, find answers to your problems and develop your intuitive abilities by completing this well-known and, at the same time, simple exercise on a daily basis. Free writing, automatic writing, morning pages – are a few of the names this exercise is referred to and is as simple as it sounds. When you first wake up, without

3 Steps to Improve More by Learning Less

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What a world we live in. The information age, as it’s being called, provides us with exactly that: information. For better or for worse, any question we have, any answer we require, or any ailment we’re trying to cure, is at our fingertips. I mentioned that all this information could be for worse, but how is that so? How can more data and facts be a bad thing? Ah, well, with more information comes more opinions, and with more opinions comes a more convoluted message

Use Your Intuition To Get What You REALLY Want

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Whether you're wondering what direction to take with your career, hoping to find a life partner, or making a list for self-improvements, we all have goals in life we believe will help us find happiness. Our desires may be vastly different, but we can all achieve a more fulfilling life by using a tool we already have free, unlimited access to — our intuitive guidance. You've probably heard of intuition, but when was the last time you actually thought about what following your intuition could