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Cleanse Your Kidneys Fast and Naturally with Parsley Tea – Here’s How!

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Not many herbs are as healthy and full of goodness as parsley. A lot of us grow parsley in our gardens or even just on the windowsills. We use it for cooking to add flavour to many dishes, but what we often do not remember is that parsley also has fantastic medicinal properties, which are very effective for many ailments. Parsley is also known as Petroselinum Crispus, its name coming from the Greek word, which means “rock celery”. It has long been known as a


This Common Herb Kills 86% of the Lung Cancer Cells!

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Did you know that lung cancer is the most common cause of death today? More people die from this disease than they do from any other type of cancer put together. But we have something else you definitely won't have heard before about lung cancer. Did you know that parsley (yes, we are talking about the herb) has been proven to kill cancer cells by up to 86%. This is because of the apigenin that makes up the herb, which can also be found in