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Satellite Shelter: A Sleeping Bag That Transforms into a Tent Could Provide Refuge to the Homeless

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This Satellite Shelter Provides a Really Good Solution for the Homeless of the World. The world is a frightening place, wouldn’t you agree? But have hope, there could possibly be a bit of humanity left. One of the areas where we still see that spark of goodness is on the streets. Yep, you heard it right. In the same places where heinous crimes frequent, we see the seeds of goodwill. And how so? The homeless are pretty resilient at living on the streets, for


Homeless Man Offers Art Student Money For A Cab. How She Repaid Him Was Amazing

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Good karma has finally been returned to a generous homeless man, who is known in his community for good deeds. Earlier this month, University of Central Lancashire student Dominique Harrison-Bentzen was about to get a cab home when she realized that she didn’t have any money and she didn’t have her bank card on her either. Robbie, a nearby homeless man observed what was going on, so he approached Dominique and offered to give her the last £3 that he had on him, so she


Gregory Kloehn Repurposes Trash Into Vibrant Houses for the Homeless

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The necessity to shelter the homeless is a prevalent and widespread reality for many urban areas, including Oakland, California, the hometown of American artist Gregory Kloehn who is using his creative capacity as an action for change. As the founder of the ‘homeless homes project‘ — a community has driven initiative — Kloehn has realized a low-cost, practical and imaginative solution for the construction of habitable shelters for those living on the streets. He combs through heaps of illegally dumped trash, commercial waste and excess household items


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