Is Climate Change Real? Separating 5 Facts from Misconceptions

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Do you believe that climate change is real or do you think that it always changes and there’s nothing to be concerned about? Some think that it is real and moreover, humans are to blame. Others believe it is simply scaremongering. So who should we believe? The evidence of course. Here are 5 facts about climate change: 1. THE TEMPERATURES ARE RISING This is not in dispute. Since the 1900s, the Earth’s average surface air temperature has risen by roughly 0.8 °C (1.4 °F). This

The Mind Blowing Truth About Global Warming That Nobody Talks About

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We have all heard the hype about global warming. Global temperatures are going up, greenhouses gas emissions are destroying our atmosphere. There is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than ever before, the migration patterns of animals are changing, and the list goes on and on. This is all fine and well. I am not here to try to debunk global warming because all of the things listed above are undoubtedly true and are certainly due in part to the activity of man. I honestly think

How to Reduce the Bad Effects of Greenhouse Gases to the Environment

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The greenhouse effect, the primary cause of global warming, is the increase in global temperature due to greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas includes Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, and Methane. Burning fuels such as natural gas, coal, gasoline, etc. increase the level of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide, which is the main contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming, should be reduced to a greater extent. Reducing the greenhouse effect is not that big deal, and the only thing we need