Long Distance Relationship Captured in a Heartwarming Comic

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What is a long distance relationship like in modern times? Being apart from the ones you love is painful and only contact or attention from this special person can heal the pain. Long distance relationships are complex, but with the invention of modern communication technologies, they are far less complicated than they were some forty or sixty years ago. The angst of being alone and thinking about someone you love can at times be unbearable, and still, it vanishes as soon as you hear the familiar

This Is What Famous Cartoon Characters Would Look Like in Their Real Age

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Cartoon characters have raised generations since they were first featured on screen. Although decades have passed since then, they still remain young and active. Have you ever thought of how the cartoon characters of your childhood would look like if they would show their actual age? Tom and Jerry - Age 75 You just can't help loving these two! The ongoing cat and mouse cartoon rivalry has been going on since 1940 when they first appeared on screen. Tom and Jerry have been entertaining kids