What is the red string of fate? How does this belief govern who we are supposed to love? Fate, it seems, has spoken.

This belief comes from an ancient Asian myth. The legend states that a red string is tied from one partner to the other signifying these two are supposed to be together. At times, this string may become tangled, but it will never be broken.

It seems you are destined to be one with this person and this person alone. While this myth can seem sweet, it can also feel a little finite.

Here is a breakdown of the story behind the myth of the red string of fate:

This Chinese tale starts with a young boy and a matchmaker. The matchmaker is leaning against a tree with a book of soulmates or a record of those who are meant to be together. The boy asks the matchmaker what he is doing, seeing that the matchmaker is holding a red string. He says, “This string connects two soulmates together. I know who is meant to be together”.

So the matchmaker takes the boy into town and shows him who he is destined to marry. The young boy sees the girl and grows angry. When the girl looks at him, he throws a rock and her, striking her in the forehead.

Years later, the young boy is grown and attending his own marriage that was arranged by his parents. He lifts the veil and sees the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He looks at her forehead and sees the scar. It was the same girl, whom many years before, was struck by his rock.

What a sweet tale, huh…

How to find your own connection

The myth called the red string of fate is mirrored in other cultures around the world. Some call these soul mates, while others call them their “one true love”. Reading about this tale may have you wondering about your own happy ending.

Well, a happy ending isn’t always so easy to attain. Either way, this sweet idea seems promising and drives so many people to search endlessly for the perfect mate. So, what are some ways that can help us locate our connection a bit easier? Let’s analyze a few ideas.

1. Become active in your quest

You cannot just wait around for the red string of fate to reveal itself. So, you must take action. You can pray, hope, and have faith, this is true, but recognizing the signs and utilizing them will propel you into your destiny. Keep a watch for all indicators that your true love may be close. They could be closer than you think.

2. Find happiness first

Unless you find happiness within yourself, you may never find your soul mate. This is because your energy will be off and they won’t even be able to recognize you as someone they love. It can be devastating if you are in the wrong mindset. Remember, true happiness is not found within another, it is shared between two people who are already content.

3. Learn who you are

Finding yourself is so underrated. I know you’ve heard this idea many times and may even find it cliché. The truth is, finding yourself is a great step toward finding your other half. Why don’t you start with a few questions?

Ask yourself, “Who am I?”, “What do I like?”, “What do I truly desire”, and “What are my goals for the future?” When you can answer these questions easily, you will be able to match your character and personality to your connection. It just makes things much easier.

4. Notice how fate works magic

Let’s forget about coincidences for a moment, and consider that every little thing happens for a reason. That’s because it usually does. The red string of fate will show who you’re meant to be with by putting you in the same place at the same time.

If you’re finding that you’re always around certain people or always meeting in odd places, then this could be a key. Here’s a hint: Pay attention to who you meet when your plans fall through. Your soulmate could be strategically placed in order to cross your path.

5. Recognize and differentiate emotions

Another way to help you use this beautiful belief is to learn the differences in emotions. For example, love is not co-dependent. If you’re with someone because you are afraid of being alone, then this is probably not the right one for you.

Love is peaceful and it is not dependent on one another. Yes, you can help your mate, and you can enjoy time together, but true love remains just as close when apart. Notice these differences and they will prove to be a huge help to you.

6. Listen to your heart

Finally, you must listen to what your heart says about certain people. The red string of fate will lead you to the one who unifies your heart with your mind. There will be no doubt that this person is meant to leave an imprint on your life.

Listen to your intuition, listen to that wonderful feeling of being in love as well. Pair these feelings with the other tips above and you will be well on your way to sealing your fate.

Myth to Reality

Although the red string of fate started out as a myth, I believe it has a basis in reality. There are reasons why we feel certain ways, and there are reasons why we find people in our lives, especially those who keep showing up over and over again.

Yes, the universe is telling us something, and I think we would be wise to listen.

“An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. This thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.”

– An ancient Chinese belief

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