Innovative washing machine promises to clean our clothes without the use of electricity and give us the motivation to keep fit.

We are living in a world where everybody is obsessed with getting fit. Also, we are living in a time when physical activity is brought to a minimum.

Let’s not forget that our world today is quite polluted. The pollution of the air especially in the big cities, changes of temperatures, global warming, and many more factors make our daily need of washing the laundry tripled compared to the humans of the 20th century.

Now, this might seem like a description of a futuristic movie, but we really live in a society that is on the edge of an ecological breakdown. It has been a trend in the past decade to have equipment for training in homes.

This is mainly because of the fast living and not being able to find the time to hit the gym. Students of the Chinese University had come up with a genius idea that combines training, laundry washing and environment-friendly thinking.

The future is here and the only thing that you have to do is to pedal.

This new and unique innovative washing machine will not only get you fit but simultaneously wash your dirty laundry. We can call it a pioneer 2 in 1 appliance, which is nothing more than a static bike, well equipped with a door, dispenser, and a laundry drum.

As you start pedaling you start generating power that will immediately turn on the washing machine. On your display, you will see the exact amount of energy necessary to start the proper washing.

Furthermore, any excess energy that you make will not be lost. The appliance is storing and using it in the next process. In this prototype, you can fit up to 5 kilos of laundry, which is quite enough.

Bike Washing Machine Project

This project of industrial design and engineering is called BWM (Bike Washing Machine). Besides pedaling, it will add a few more physical activities in order to properly wash the laundry. The process of washing is simple you just sit up to your bike and pedal accordingly to needed speed.

Water, detergent, and softener are added in different stages. This means that you will have to stop pedaling, empty the drum of dirty water, then add new water and softener. After that, back to pedaling. This part is making the invention a little bit complicated.

A better solution would be a possibility to connect the washing device directly to the source of water. Because this is only o prototype and students project it’s not yet available in the market.

However, it has a promising design and with the proper advertising could become a huge hit if a trendy company decides to take this students project and make it widely available for a reasonable price.

The idea behind this concept probably comes from a typical student’s life. Students often are living and studying far from home. This means not having a laundry service that they might have been used to at home.

Let’s not forget those students and working people, who decide to move far away from the place of their origin are forced to rent small and unequipped apartments.

This innovative washing machine would be a perfect device to combine the ecological orientation with efficiency.

Let’s hope that this environment-friendly invention will soon be a part of many homes and make everyday tasks easier and more fun to do.

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